Take and Take


Is it better to say "tomar una foto" or "sacar una foto". Don't they both mean to take?


You have to be careful not to take the translations literally. To take has many meanings in English which do not map to tomar. To me, "tomar una foto" means "to take possession of a photo". On the other hand, "sacar una foto" means to "snap a photo", roughly speaking.


Well, Rocket Languages gave me 50 points for this reply and took it away seconds later. It has done that to me in the recent past.


Gracias Robert. That makes sense.


Robert is correct that the word take has a variety of meanings.  And in Spanish the same is true for tomar and sacar.​  Both are acceptable, although in different countries one might be preferred over the other.  Here in Peru both are used.

According to the Larousse dictionary:

Sacar - hacer una foto
​Tomar - filmar, fotografiar


Thanks for clearing that up for me.

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