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Forum Rocket Spanish Spanish - Grammar The common way to speak to "you"

The common way to speak to "you"



Assuming that I refer to the form that all people speak and not grammatically.
When I talk to you (tu '+ ustedes)
I use the same verb or other practice?
I know the grammatical answer, for example
tu '= comes
ustedes = comen

But can it be as I described above?


'Cuando te hablo'  is the translation of  'when I talk to you'
cuando = when
te = to you
hablo = I speak


Mordi, I am not sure I understand your question.
If you are asking what Alan answered, he is correct.
But I can't think of a way to use tú and ustedes together, since tú is second person singular and Uds. is plural formal.
"Tú comes rápidamente" eat quickly. You wouldn't actually need the tú since comes implies "you" in the singular.
"Uds. comen primero"...You guys/you all/you people eat first. You do need Uds. here if you mean to convey respect for "you guys," and you also need it because comen could either mean "you guys" or "they". This assumes Latin American Spanish not using the vosotros form. Hope this helps.
Buen suerte,


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