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The use of "te" as "it" - very confusing!



Hi all - 
I have run into a few sentences in the conversations that just do not make sense to me - here are two examples that have come up twice:

¿Cómo te va en el trabajo? - - How is it going at work?

¿Cómo te va con la fiesta? - - How is it going with the party?

Wouldn't "te" be le (or la) - From what I am understanding, "te" is "you" - these two sentences, from what I (think) I have learned so far, do not make sense.  

Can anyone help me here?  These can be found in lesson 6.2, Pastimes, under Extra Vocabulary.
Any and all input would be soooo appreciated!

Thanks and have a good weekend. :)




Kel, this is something that can cause confusion as it does appear at first glance that "te" is being used to mean "it."  One thing to remember is that the "it" is understood with the conjugation of the verb.  In other words, "va" can mean three things:  It goes, He goes, or She goes.  Since neither the pronoun for he nor she are being used and there is no other subject given based on the context, then the subject is "it."  Simply put, "¿Cómo te va?"​ means "How is it going with/for you?" 

How's it going with/for you at work?
​How's it going for you with the party?

In English we usually don't add the "with you" portion while in Spanish the word "it" is left out.

​Hope this helps.


Hi He-fay,

Thanks for responding, this is a clean and concise response, very helpful. 

Yes, I have finally gotten used to it, sort of.  If I slow down and am not burnt out, it looks fine and makes perfect sense.  But then sometimes my brain just freezes up.

Making a lateral move on the topic - my question seems to have gotten posted twice, the other one had a lot of answers.  

Eh, I probably hit 'send' twice,  ¿quién sabe?

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