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valle or balle?



I continually here spanish speakers on certain audios on the internet saying what sounds like "valle" or "balle" ( phonetic = valley) when they are in agreement during a conversation. I cannot find the meaning in any dictionary. Maybe it is my hearing. I assume it shows agreement with the speaker but I am not sure. Would appreciate any help. Gracias por la ayuda. Bill


I found the answer. It's "vale" meaning OK. Thank you for the Phrase Finder. Bill


Hola Bill! Valle means valley, Vale means either "worth" or "ok" depending on the context. Also in some parts of Mexico is used as "friend" or "dude". Its short for "valedor" , which to be honest i dont know the origin, and have some friends that either use "vale" or "valedor". Example "Que onda vale" (What`s up dude?). Also in Mexico we sometimes say "Sale y vale"...which is just an agreement similar to "OK" or "Okiedokie". Balle on the other way doesnt exist. Saludos desde Tijuana Mexico!

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