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where to place the "lo"



I am totally confused on where to place the "lo" or "los" within a sentence. I know that when I ask "can you make it/them ...?", it's translated as "puede hacerlo/los...?" but when I want to say something like "I don't want to hear it!" I've been told 2 ways of saying it. 1) No quiero lo oír 2) No lo quiero oír (I have been told #2 is best) Why is ths? Why can't I say: "no quiero oírlo!" ? Why? Why? Why? :D


Number 1 is wrong in your example. You're absolutely right: "No quiero oírlo" is fine. That is because the direct object (e.g. lo) can go in two places: attached to the end of an infinitive (e.g. oírlo) or directly before a conjugated verb (e.g., no lo oigo). Either is fine: it's your choice. Hope that helps!

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