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Forum Rocket Spanish Spanish - Grammar "Una casa que te guste": Why use the subjunctive here?

"Una casa que te guste": Why use the subjunctive here?



busca casa que te guste.

What rule dictates the use of subjunctive in this case?


thank you



¡Hola Ken3883!

Thanks for your question!

In this sentence (Busca una casa que te guste “(He / she) is looking for a house that you like / that is pleasing to you”), we use the subjunctive because we don't actually know whether such a house exists - it might not! Therefore, there is uncertainty.

This is an example of what's called an “adjective clause,” and we have a whole lesson devoted to when you need the subjunctive with these clauses and when you don't right here: Lesson 16.6 “Descriptions and the Subjunctive.” It should clear everything up for you, but do let me know if you still have questions afterward! :)



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