Your friend should've heard..



Are all of the following exactly equivalent?
- Tu amiga debió de haber escuchado...
- Tu amiga debería haber escuchado...
- Tu amiga habría debido escuchado...



Now that I think of it, the first one isn't translated quite right in the course. I think the first phrase is more: Your friend must have heard...
marieg-rocket languages

marieg-rocket languages

Hi Steven,

All the sentences mean the same yes, but, on the last one, I would have said:

Tu amiga habría debido escuchar instead of escuchado

*Can you please send me the name or number of the lesson and seems to be translated incorrectly? Maybe we can review it and correct it.

**The most accurate translation to "You're friend should've heard is the second one, "Tu amiga debería haber escuchado". 




Hi Marie,

Thanks for the correction. The lesson containing the phrase is 15.4 Mariachis - it's in the main dialogue. I will start flagging corrections again - the course is in great shape.



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