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New here

Hola to all. I decided to start learning Spanish recently, and I wanted to get some opinions on Masculine vs Feminine words. It's so overwhelming and crazy to me at the moment, trying to attach a gender to every single word. Right now, it's almost detr...

6 replies - Last post by Barbara1 - September 12, 2008

lesson 1.5

1. In the audio lesson 1.5 the words: 'por' y 'de' both mean- on. if they mean the same thing then when do I use each one? 2. In the same lesson Mauricio says:"yo soy doctor" wich means I I am(there is no a?) doctor whitch makes it sound like th...

6 replies - Last post by nohablo - August 20, 2008

Necesitar vs Faltar or Hacer Falta

Cuándo platicando con mis amigos, cual es la manera correcta para decir "I need..." ? Grácias Brenda

1 reply - Last post by Mauricio - August 20, 2008


what exactly does the word 'tengo' mean ?

1 reply - Last post by Loriann - August 14, 2008


1. Why is it that sometimes when I ask a question people just recomend that I purchase the program'. Isn't obvious that I have it if I'm posting a question? is it possible to post without being a member(purchasing rocket spanish) 2. How come When I click ...

4 replies - Last post by Loriann - August 13, 2008

Reading spanish

Hola, I just began using the Rocket Spanish beginner program this weekend. Just curious how long before I can expect to start doing some easy readers. Any opinions or experiences anyone would like to share? Gracias!

7 replies - Last post by Loriann - August 11, 2008


where can I ask questions when there is somthing I don't understand in the lesson? p.s how do you use this? thank you!

1 reply - Last post by Loriann - August 9, 2008

lesson 1.1 y 1.3

in the first free audio lesson I learned that that the word 'estas' means- are you, and then I learned in the third free lesson that the word 'eres' means- are you, if both words have the same meaning how do I know when to use each one? how come you don't...

1 reply - Last post by Loriann - August 9, 2008

Lessons learned...

I haven't posted in a while but I have been busy keeping up with the buletin board and my practicing (and still enjoying it too). A funny thing happened to me last week. I go to a local Mexican restaurant once a week to practice my Spanish (OK - I lik...

3 replies - Last post by CutThatCity - July 1, 2008

Voy and Vas

Hi All, I listen to the audio course and it sounds as if voy and vas are pronounced with a v sound as in victory, then Mauricio sent out a newsletter on tricks to remember voy and said it was like saying "boy I want to go". Then I asked a friend of m...

2 replies - Last post by nohablo - May 29, 2008

lesson 1.4

Word: Funny I was curious on how the word "funny" was spelled. My Spanish dictionary only shows "gracioso" as in "esa la muy gracioso" Lesson 1.4 says "la pelicula fue chestiso" Which is mostly used? I can picture myself using this word quit...

1 reply - Last post by Mauricio - May 21, 2008

sacar vs tomar

what is the diffrence between sacar as in quiero sacar su photo and quiero tomar so photo. It appears that tomar is more appropriate in the setting of wanting "to take" but in the less sacar is used.

4 replies - Last post by MARCOS - March 21, 2008

cómo se dice la palabra "block"

How do you say "block" in spanish, as in a street block. All I'm coming up with is "bloques", but in a tape I'm listening to, the first syllable sounds like "cuar. . ."

3 replies - Last post by [email protected] - March 7, 2008

One English word, 2 or more spanish?

Hola! Just started Rocket Spanish in the last 2 weeks and loving it. Working way through slowly but surely and with fun! One question I have is why in many cases would there be more than one Spanish word for one English word. I'll use one example with...

3 replies - Last post by [email protected] - March 7, 2008

Have a bad taste!

I have been searching the Racket Spanish course materials to find out how to wxpress how a thing (e.g. food) tastes. Could someone provide an example of such usage?

1 reply - Last post by Mauricio - March 6, 2008

Castellano versus Latin American Spanish

Can someone advise me of common words/expressions whose translation into Castillian Spanish seems to differ from into Latin American as in the Rocket Spanish course. For instance 'I would like' appears to be 'me gustaria' in Latin American but 'yo quisie...

7 replies - Last post by Mauricio - January 10, 2008

Tratar vs Intentar vs Probar

All of these words are defined as 'to try', but what's the difference? Which verb do I use when I'm refering to: - trying to do something - trying on clothes - trying food Examples along with explainations are greatly appreciated. ...

1 reply - Last post by Mauricio - January 3, 2008

Question regarding telling time?

In regards to telling what time it is. I find using " para las" to be difficult to remember. Por Ejemplo ( 2:55) Son cinco para las tres In other studies I have done in spanish I learned to say " Son las tres menos cinco" which seems so mu...

2 replies - Last post by MARCOS - December 20, 2007

Want to get this right....

I am on my way to Cancun for a week to celebrate my wife's birthday. I purposely selected a cheaper room at the hotel with the expectation that when we arrive, I will slip the guy at the front desk a $20 bill and ask for a "free" upgrade. A friend of m...

3 replies - Last post by tocayo - October 19, 2007


having trouble understanding the use of entonces, vs. despues.. any advice.

1 reply - Last post by gailbsmith - September 16, 2007

tomar vs beber?

What are the appropriate situations for using tomar vs beber for "to drink"? I've heard there is an implication that tomar refers to an alcholic beverage. Thanks!

9 replies - Last post by taalibeen - August 30, 2007

How to pronounce the "r"

Hola, I ordered this course a few months ago, but just started using it about 2 weeks ago. My family and I am learning a lot. There are so many words and different pronounciations that it seems overwhelming at times. Quick question: How do you ...

1 reply - Last post by Antonio - August 29, 2007

"The past two weeks.."

How do you express that in Spanish? e.g. 'I've been working a lot the past two weeks' or 'I've been very busy for the past few weeks' Thanks!

4 replies - Last post by Mauricio - August 7, 2007

Words I heard on the radio... Can't figure them out...

Hello- I listen to Spanish language radio on my way to/from work... I find it to be a useful aspect of learning the language. Two things I hear often and can't find in a dictionary-- please help: 1) a word that sounds like "Lie Day"... rhymes wit...

3 replies - Last post by themaze - July 24, 2007

Soy and Estoy

Hi everyone. This is my first post. I have just started learning Spanish and am enjoying it very much so far. I was very concerned at first that I was wasting my money when I bought this course but now it is seeming doable. I have a question about the ...

1 reply - Last post by Mauricio - July 23, 2007

"¡Voy!" or "¡Ya voy!"

What does this mean?

2 replies - Last post by taalibeen - July 6, 2007

Estar con muchas cosas en la cabeza

What does it mean when someone says "Estoy con muchas cosas en la cabeza." Does it mean that the person has "a lot on their mind" as we might say in English? Can you infer something about the seriousness of the person's internal sta...

2 replies - Last post by kaczmk - June 5, 2007

quien como tú

I have heard the phrase "quien como tú" but I'm not sure what it means in context. Here is a recent example (as best as I can recall): "estás descansando hoy pero yo, no .... quien como tú" What does the phrase "quien como ...

2 replies - Last post by Mauricio - May 15, 2007

d sounding like v?

Hi there, I've just started learning spanish and are on the lession 1 audio mp3's. It's great fun and I'm definitely enjoying it. Whilst listening to the audio's, sometimes words such as Disculpe sound like they are said with a 'v' at the begining (i...

2 replies - Last post by Richard-Barrett - May 10, 2007


In our lesson we are taught that derecho means straight (ahead) when giving directions. A textbook I have shows that - derecho(a) means -right - as in a la derecha (to the right) or la mano derecha (your right hand). It infers that derecho is the mascul...

2 replies - Last post by schrades - April 9, 2007

me acuerdo and recuerdo

What is the fifference between "me acuerdo" and "recuerdo"? Is "me acuerdo" I remember and "recuerdo" I remember something?

2 replies - Last post by John-Dagen - March 13, 2007


I watch Mexican soaps and often have questions about words. Onda was one, I see you answered that one, thanks. How about infeliz, my dictionary says it means "poor wretch", but it is used to describe people who have done something against someo...

2 replies - Last post by Mauricio - March 8, 2007

Simón y Neta

While watching Spanish television shows, I have noticed that the younger generation of actors and actresses say to one another, "Simón" and "Neta". What do they mean when they say those words? Are they expressing an agreement or disbel...

6 replies - Last post by C_Norita - February 16, 2007

Por fin

In episode 8 of Destinos, Raquel is handed her wallet back after she lost it. As she takes the wallet, she says "Por fin." I have also come across this in a childrens book called Biszcocho were it says "Por fin se durmio el perrito."...

2 replies - Last post by amormio - February 16, 2007


Hi, Can someone tell me what afantasmado means? I cannot find it in the dictionaries but it is used a lot when I searched the internet. Many thanks. Martin.

4 replies - Last post by Mauricio - February 15, 2007

dead body

How do you say: " over my dead body " as in: I will not allow it as long as I am alive

2 replies - Last post by PilotaF7 - January 10, 2007


Anyone got a good translation for the common expression GWEY (pronounced WAY in English). It is commonly used in Mexico Eg. ¿Que onda gwey? Thanks in advance Nev

1 reply - Last post by C_Norita - November 5, 2006

"drive through" phrase

How do you say DRIVE THROUGH" as in I am going through the "drive-through" at the bank, or I am going through the drive through at the Wendy's? The dictionary has a long sentence to say this? Nothing in Latino spanish??? Joe

0 replies - Last post by my2divots - November 2, 2006

Spanish Phrase

What is the meaning of the phrase "se me cuida"? It's been used several times in correspondence the most recent being besos de nuevo se me cuida. Help!

3 replies - Last post by C_Norita - October 31, 2006

¡Música, Maestro!

Maestro means master;teacher. That's understood, but why is it that when someone calls for music to begin, they say, ¡Música!, and it is followed by ¡Maestro!? Why isn't it just, ¡Música!? Is there a story behind that, or are they just that admirable to t...

3 replies - Last post by Lenguas - October 25, 2006

Perdón or Perdón + 'ay' rhyming with Chardonnay

In Spanish courses, to interrupt someone, I hear the term Perdón and also Perdón + 'ay' rhyming with Chardonnay! Could someone kindly advise when to use each of these terms? Also, which of Disculpe or Perdón more acceptable in a) Spain b) South Am...

5 replies - Last post by C_Norita - October 23, 2006

To Rock in spanish

How to say the following in spanish? - to rock someone (e.g. we will rock you) - it rocks - it sucks

0 replies - Last post by DadoM - October 21, 2006

No manches

¿Cuándo alguien dice, "¡No manches!", qué significa?

2 replies - Last post by C_Norita - October 21, 2006

Tener Ondas

Hola Randy, I'll take a shot at his one as it a really hard one to explain, especially since is used differently in different countries. Where I come from (Chile) "Onda" could be translated as "mood". If you are "Buena ond...

3 replies - Last post by Randy1 - October 11, 2006

Petrol Filling Station

Can someone please give me the phrase for "Fill it up please" when asking for the car to be fully fueled at a service station. Eamonn

2 replies - Last post by Eamonn - October 10, 2006


I'm watching a telenovela, Contra viento y marea, and I noticed that instead of "hermano" they often use another word. It sounds something like "gualter". Do you know what the correct spelling would be ?

0 replies - Last post by Lenguas - September 4, 2006

Tanto vs desmasiado

¿Qué es la diferencia entre las palabras tanto y desmasiado? Me duele tanto Yo tengo demasiadas cosas que hacer I think I may have figured out my question. Does one modify a noun and the other a verb?????

1 reply - Last post by Lenguas - August 25, 2006

slang expression

my latino coworkers have not ben able to answer my question about how do you say " your'e shitting me" m as in a converation when you express disbelief about something and say " your'e shitting me" any way to say this?

8 replies - Last post by my2divots - August 24, 2006


This seems like a word that should exist (e.g. to be fascinated with something) but I don't see it in a dictionary. I'm new to Spanish, so still trying to understand "verbse" usage.

2 replies - Last post by Randy1 - August 2, 2006

The meaning of:

I would like an english translation for: SAL DA TERRA. Thanks Tom

2 replies - Last post by ttomell - July 24, 2006

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