Spanish Resources

Whatever your reasons for learning Spanish, these free Spanish learning resources are here to help you master some essential words and phrases, and understand how Spanish works.

These free Spanish resources include lessons for learning words and phrases, English translations, and audio and voice recognition for pronunciation. You'll also find step-by-step explanations of Spanish grammar rules, and helpful cultural tips along the way!

Learn Spanish

Discover tons of tips and tricks that polyglots use to successfully master several languages. You can also find out how long it will take for you to learn Spanish, the history and regional differences that the Spanish language has, and much more.

Spanish Pronunciation

Do you wish you could pronounce Spanish like a native speaker? Now you can! Rocket Languages voice comparison software makes Spanish pronunciation easy. Check out these free audio lessons!

Spanish Lessons

Discover tons of free Spanish lessons with Mauricio. Get started improving your Spanish right now!

Spanish Salutations

This series of Spanish lessons covers all the different Spanish salutations. From "Hello" to "Good bye" and everything in between, these lessons will help you become the ultimate in politeness when you encounter Spanish speaking people!

Spanish Time

These free Spanish language lessons are all about learning Spanish time, days and months. You'll quickly learn how to ask for the time and tell others what time it is.

Spanish Verbs

For most beginning students of Spanish, one of the hardest things is understanding Spanish verbs. That's because verbs in Spanish act differently from verbs in English.

Spanish Tenses

This series of lessons is all about the Spanish tenses. Find out about the major tenses used in Spanish and the patterns and conjugations that verbs make in each tense.

Spanish Adjectives

This series of lessons is all about Spanish adjectives. Adjectives are great for making your conversations more descriptive. You will be a master of Spanish adjectives after these lessons!

Spanish Pronouns

This series of lessons is all about Spanish pronouns. Spanish pronouns work differently than English pronouns in some important ways.

Spanish Prepositions

This series of lessons is all about Spanish Prepositions. Spanish prepositions are a set of connectors (like para, de or con) that show a relationship between a verb, noun or adjective and a following noun phrase, noun, or pronoun (called the object of the preposition).

Spanish Words

These free audio lessons from Rocket Spanish will help you learn tons of basic Spanish words and improve your Spanish. We've also included some useful vocabulary lists for your Spanish language survival kit!

Spanish Phrases

Are you traveling to a Spanish-speaking country on vacation or business? Perhaps you need to speak Spanish closer to home... You can learn simple Spanish phrases for free with these audio lessons from Rocket Spanish.

Spanish Vocabulary

It's time to move on to the essential Spanish vocabulary that you will need on a trip to South America or any other Spanish-speaking destination!

Spanish Grammar

These free Rocket Spanish lessons will help you master the basics of the Spanish language in no time! Check out the easy-to-use list of Spanish grammar rules and our free step-by-step tutorials.

Spanish Forum

This Spanish language forum is where you go to get feedback and to connect with other learners. Interacting with teachers and peers will really help develop your understanding!