Spanish Conjunctions

Up until now, you’ve only been able to speak in simple sentences. But what if you want to say, “I want the red one and the blue one?” Or, “I like this one, but I prefer that one”?

Using Spanish conjunctions

To create complex Spanish sentences, you need to be able to use the Spanish conjunctions. These are words that join two parts of a sentence together. The most common are:











You will use these conjunctions in the exact same way you do in English.

Por ejemplo:

Quiero la camisa roja y la camisa azul.

I want the red shirt and the blue shirt.

Me gusta éste, pero prefiero ése.

I like this one, but I prefer that one.

Si quieres ir con nosotros, te puedo llevar.

If you want to go with us, I can take you.

Podemos elegir entre esta opción o la otra.

We can choose between this option or the other.

Watch those accent marks! Make sure that you don’t confuse si with sí.

- Si means “if.”
- Sí means “yes.”

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