Accommodation in Spanish

Need to book accommodation in Spanish? After this free audio lesson on Spanish accommodation you’ll be able to make a reservation in Spanish like a pro and impress your travel companions!

By the end of the lesson you’ll know the Spanish words for different types of accommodation, the facilities on offer, and the kind of room you need. Whether you’re traveling to a Spanish-speaking country on vacation or business, don’t leave home without Rocket Spanish!

Booking accommodation in Spanish

There are many types of accommodations, alojamientos - to choose from in every Spanish-speaking country. Here are just a few…

Un albergue para jóvenes

Youth hostel

Una fonda

Inn (Spain)

Una posada

In (Mexico)

Una villa

Villa (Spain)

Un hostal

Boarding house

Una pensión / Una casa de huéspedes

Guest house (Spain)

Casas rurales

Country houses (Spain)

Cases Rurales, literally “rural houses” are country houses that are in the Spanish countryside. It’s an ideal accommodation if you’re seeking a quiet, natural environment, local food and contact with local people.

A great way to see the Spanish-speaking countries on a budget is backpacking. If you’re a backpacker, un mochilero, you get to explore areas that only locals may know about…

Viaje de mochilero




Whether you’re going on a backpacking trip, un viaje de mochilero, or planning a luxurious trip, un viaje de lujo, having a great experience at the place you stay can make your trip more enjoyable. Here are some useful words to express the kind of room you want…

Una habitación con...

A room with...

Aire acondicionado

Air conditioning







Vistas al mar

Sea views









Caja fuerte




Agua caliente

Hot water

You may want to check out the room. Just ask the hotel clerk at the front desk…

¿Puedo ver la habitación primero?

May I see the room first?

¿Me permite ver el cuarto?

May I see the room?

Suppose that you are travelling with your mother, spouse, and two children. Would it be better to get a big room than the one you have looked at? Perhaps, you need a quieter room, or a cleaner one… Begin your request by saying...

¿Tiene algo un poco...?

Do you have anything…

... más grande?


... más pequeño?


... más limpio?


... más tranquilo?


… más barato?


And when you’ve found the perfect room for your stay, you can smile and say…

Muy bien, la tomaré.

OK, I'll take it.

Now, what do you do, if you accidentally lock yourself out of your hotel room…here are some phrases you can use!

Cerré la puerta y se me olvidaron las llaves dentro.

I closed the door and forgot the keys inside.

Olvidé la llave en el cuarto.

I forgot the key in the room.

¿Hay alguna llave de sobra que pueda utilizar para entrar?

Is there a spare key I could use to get in?

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