Unusual Ways Of Using The Spanish Future Tense

The future tense can be used in some unusual ways in Spanish. The strangest way is to express what is likely or what one guesses will happen. For example, if you wonder what time something will happen, where you will probably go, or what could possible be, you may use the future tense.

Por ejemplo:

¿Cuándo vendrán de la excursión?

When will they return from the trip?

¿Cuándo tendremos la paz?

When might we have peace?

¿Crees tú que Diego sabrá de la fiesta?

Do you think that Diego would know about the party?

Saldremos muy temprano, con toda probabilidad.

We'll leave very early, in all likelihood.

Remember that the future tense can also be used alongside other tenses in the same sentence.

Por ejemplo:

Ayer comimos pan, hoy comemos pan, mañana comeremos pan.

Yesterday we ate bread, today we eat bread, tomorrow we will eat bread.

El año pasado mi equipo favorito ganó, este año perdió, pero para el próximo año ganará.

Last year my favorite team won, this year it lost, but next year it will win.