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Airplane in Spanish

This free audio lesson is talking about traveling on an airplane in Spanish and other useful travel vocabulary. Whether you’re on vacation or traveling for business, you’ll learn some useful Spanish airplane vocabulary in this free Rocket Spanish lesson.

Listen to the native Spanish pronunciation and practice asking where is? and when is? in Spanish. We’ll show you how to get someone’s attention politely, ask for food and drink in Spanish, and more.

Knowing how to use vocabulary for traveling on an airplane in Spanish will give you more confidence next time you’re on the plane!

Talking about the Airplane in Spanish

Let's get started with some general words and phrases about planes in Spanish.


Airplane / Plane

Viajo en avión.

I travel by plane.

José es piloto de aviones

José is an airplane pilot

¿A qué hora sale el vuelo?

What time does the plane leave?

Now, in this lesson you’re going to be on the plane with Carlos and Carmona. They’ve been planning a trip to Ecuador for ages. On their itinerary are the Galapagos Islands, the Amazonian rain forest, and the historic center of Quito, the capital city. As they’re on the plane to Quito from Houston, they chat with the airline stewardess in Spanish. Listen to the conversation, record yourself and practice your pronunciation as you read along.

Permiso, señorita. ¿Dónde están los servicios higiénicos?

Excuse me, miss. Where are the restrooms?

Están al fondo de la cabina.

They're at the back of the cabin.

Now, here are the important words and phrases from the conversation that you should learn. Listen to each word and its English translation. Repeat the words yourself so that you become comfortable forming the sounds.


excuse me


miss or Ms. (used for an unmarried woman)

¿dónde están?

where are?

los servicios higiénicos (also abbreviated as SS.HH.)

the restrooms


they are

al fondo de

at the back of

la cabina

the cabin

Now, back to the story.

Carlos makes his way to the restrooms. Meanwhile, Carmona is feeling hungry. The rest of the passengers in the airplane are asleep. She whispers to the next cabin attendant who passes by…

Perdón, señor. ¿Cuándo es el desayuno?

Excuse me, sir. When is breakfast?

En cinco horas. ¿Tiene usted hambre?

In five hours. Are you hungry?

Sí, tengo mucha hambre.

Yes, I'm very hungry.

Puedo darle un paquete de papas fritas.

I can give you a packet of potato chips.


Thank you.

I can give you a packet of potato chips.

Notice that there are two words for “excuse me” in Spanish. One is permiso, and the other is *perdón.* (You also will hear the word, discuple.)


excuse me


sir or Mr.

¿cuándo es?

when is?

el desayuno


¿Tiene usted hambre?

Are you hungry?

Tengo hambre.

I am hungry.

puedo darle…

I can give you…

un paquete de

a packet or package of

papas fritas

potato chips, also French fries

Carlos returns to the seat just as an airline stewardess bring a packet of potato chips for Carmona. Carlos looks hurt. He tells Carmona, “You didn’t get any for me!” “No,” says Carmona. “I didn’t know you wanted any.” Carlos turns to the stewardess and asks…

Lo siento. ¿Me puede traer algo para tomar? Tengo sed.

I'm sorry. Can you bring me something to drink? I'm thirsty.

Sí, señor. ¿Qué le gustaría?

Yes, sir. What would you like?

Una cerveza, por favor.

A beer, please.

Claro. Un minuto.

Of course. One minute.

A beer, please.

Review the following words and phrases. Note that the word for “please” is “por favor.”

¿me puede (usted) traer?

can you bring me?

algo para tomar

something to drink

Tengo sed.

I'm thirsty.

¿qué le gustaría?

what would you like?

una cerveza

a beer

por favor



of course

un minuto

one minute

Now that Carlos and Carmona are contentedly sipping and munching away, awaiting their arrival in the lovely city of Quito, we’ll leave them. If you want to keep following Carlos and Carmona check out the next lesson Airport in Spanish For more lessons on Spanish vocabulary I recommend these!​

¡Hasta entonces!

Mauricio Mauricio Evlampieff Rocket Spanish