Computer in Spanish

This free audio lesson is on the topic of the computer in Spanish. Technology is everywhere these days, so make sure you keep up to date with the latest advances using these Spanish computer words!

There are hundreds of millions of people around the globe who speak Spanish as a native language. To get you started on your global communications abilities, here are some of the most commonly used technology and computer vocabulary in Spanish.

Talking about the Computer in Spanish

La computadora

The computer

Necesito ayuda con mi computador

I need help with my computer

Mauricio es bueno para las computadoras

Mauricio is good with computers

Yo soy un experto en las computadoras

I'm an expert with computers

Spanish computer vocabulary

Pantalla de computadora

Computer screen





Virus de computadora

Computer virus

ciencias de la computación

Computer science

científico de la computación

Computer scientist

Programa de computadora / computación

Computer program

Programador de computadoras

Computer programmer

Simulación de computadora

Computer simulation

Hardware / equipo / computación

Computer hardware

Placa base / Placa madre


Ratón (El Mouse)




Correo electrónico


Aplicaciones / software

Computer software

Some of these computer vocabulary items may not be words that you will have to use every day, but knowing them can certainly come in handy. Others, you may very well use frequently, especially if you are traveling in a Spanish speaking country or communicating via the Internet with Spanish speakers to improve your grasp of the language.

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