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What dialect of Arabic is this program teaching? The one that I am taking through Rosetta Stone is just the average Arabic, but this one is different.

3 replies - Last post by khaduj - October 17, 2014

TV news

Hi all, Does anyone know whether the news are broadcasted in spoken Arabic or in fus7a? And more specifically, if I master the Egyptian Arabic will I be able to follow al-jazeera etc? Best wishes, Firat

4 replies - Last post by khaduj - October 17, 2014

List of Badge levels?

Is there a list of badge levels and the points associated with each anywhere? Thanks

3 replies - Last post by Rocket-Languages - March 19, 2014

Enti used for a male

In the interactive section "Farewell" I think the incorrect use of enti was used for a male "you"

1 reply - Last post by Amira-Zaki - December 10, 2013

no access to rocket fuel aug and sep

There is no category listed for my question. I like to review old lessons but cannot connect to Rocket Fuel for August or September. Is there a technical difficulty or are they discontinued?

1 reply - Last post by Amira-Zaki - October 31, 2013


What happened to pdf's

1 reply - Last post by Amira-Zaki - October 10, 2013

Audio lessons

Hello, Amira. I am a beginner in Arabic language and I have listened to the first lesson. But I can not download that audio lesson. I tried to click the right button and to save the MP3 file, but nothing happens. So, I was wondering if there was any ot...

17 replies - Last post by Mary-S109 - September 2, 2013

Gulf Arabic vs Egyptian?

Is anyone here using this Arabic in the Gulf region? I just bought the course for Arabic, and need to be working in the Middle East, particularly Saudi Arabia. Can you please tell me how different the two Arabics are? Im concerned that I bought the wrong...

2 replies - Last post by Paul-S3 - July 10, 2013

Premium Plus

Rocket Arabic Premium is very fun and I am learning a lot, so I wanted to know: Is there going to be Rocket Arabic Premium Plus?

3 replies - Last post by Alan-R-G - July 9, 2013

Regarding activation of Assessments

How I activate the assessment programme? None of the titles respond for example how do I get the questions under Greetings?

3 replies - Last post by Amira-Zaki - March 8, 2013

Regarding games and transcription

Hi, First of all, congratulations for this course that I find is very good. I am just a little bit disappointed about the "games" section. I think that putting just the English transcription of the word and not the Arab writing is not a good choice. For...

3 replies - Last post by Amira-Zaki - February 19, 2013

Some errata

Hello, Below are a few more errata I've come across. Some are small errors, others are more important, like missing sound files, etc. I hope these notes help to make Rocket Arabic even better. Thanks for the great course! I am enjoying it. *Errata in Ro...

5 replies - Last post by Rocket-Languages - September 13, 2012

Software download

Hi there, Sorry if this is a stupid question - where is the 'rosetta-stone' type software download shown here: ? Thanks, Mike

1 reply - Last post by Amira-Zaki - September 13, 2012

I purchased the premium version on a different computer

but cant seem to be able to access it on the original computer even though I am using the same account I purchased it with.

1 reply - Last post by Amira-Zaki - September 13, 2012

What progression to follow?

ahlan Amira! What is the progression that we should follow when trying to learn the language with the program? Should we first use the Interactive audio lessons in its entirety and then go to Language & Culture lessons to be done fully or is there...

4 replies - Last post by Amira-Zaki - August 1, 2012

Download pdf 1 shot

Hi Amira. Ana want to download pdf file for interactive audio lesson transcript or culture and lesson file in 1 shot. I mean download can separately by main lesson as travel, in town etc. No need to enter 1.1, 2.1,2.2,2.3 and printed. Is it already there ...

6 replies - Last post by ahamad-tajuddin-h - April 3, 2012

Text problems in beginner course

Hi, I'm not sure this is where to post corrections - please tell me if another forum is better. I found a couple of mistakes in the course in section 1.6 Where are you from? 1. In the "Personal Pro-nouns" subsection. - "Pro-nouns"...

7 replies - Last post by Amira-Zaki - October 15, 2011

Wow- really?

Why stop so short?! I don't really have the finances to purchase the Premium edition, but I need to learn the alphabet -- all that's left are the vowels and I cannot access them! :(

1 reply - Last post by Amira-Zaki - October 15, 2011

How's my accent?

I made a voice recording of me reading the conversation from the lesson with koshary. I was wondering, how's my accent?

4 replies - Last post by Amira-Zaki - October 15, 2011

A1 and A2

Never mind.

0 replies - Last post by Kntlne - August 12, 2011

Confusion in lesson 3.1

I just did Lesson 3.1 The Perfect Tourist. In the paragraph at the top of the page it said the lesson would be about taking photos and finding a bathroom, but that was not in the lesson. In the quiz for that lesson one of the questions was "What is the Ar...

0 replies - Last post by Kntlne - August 9, 2011

Browser Settings

Hi there, hope I have not overseen another post about my problem, but if I look at the lessons, I see numbers, probably instead of characters, ie. Wa7ed, Arba3a, 7`amsa, etc. Are there any browser settings I need to adjust to get a correct display? Well,...

1 reply - Last post by Amira-Zaki - May 31, 2011

Numbers and letters

7az sa3eed. I know what you are thinking:"Why are there numbers mixed in with letters?!". Well, the answer is simple. There are some sounds in the Arabic language that are not represented by letters. For example "7ah". This sound has n...

3 replies - Last post by Amira-Zaki - May 10, 2011

Small problem in Arabic text

Hi Amira, I am enjoying the course thoroughly, but found a small problem in section 1.3 At the Cafe. In the Conversation in Arabic Script, the second-to-last line appears a little scrambled: هتكون عندك تحت امرك يا فندم!! حال This could confuse a studen...

3 replies - Last post by Amira-Zaki - May 4, 2011

Question for Amira.

Salam 3alekom ya Amira, i have a question or suggestion for you Amira, i have a very lovely Arabic song that i wont to learn his words for two reasons: 1) i will be able to enjoy more from this song. 2) i will be able to increase my vocabulary by heari...

1 reply - Last post by Amira-Zaki - May 4, 2011

Error in Basic Introductions

Hi everyone, I have just started 1.1 basic introductions and think I have found a error in the English translation. In the audio Hany states he is from America yet the text states Alexandria. Can someone let me know which one is correct. Thanks Dene

8 replies - Last post by Amira-Zaki - May 4, 2011

New Member Introduction

Marhabhan, rafikiya. I am new here. My name is James, but I felt that I should choose an Arabic name, so I chose that of a holy messenger because it seemed fitting for learning a language. Inshallah, I shall succeed at learning Arabic, as I am motivate...

2 replies - Last post by Amira-Zaki - May 4, 2011

Plural Quiz

The site does not grade the quiz for the "Plural" topic when submitted. Status bar indicates "stopped."

1 reply - Last post by Rocket-Languages - April 28, 2011

Updates December

Hi Everyone Jason here, the CEO of Rocket Languages. Those that have been with Rocket Languages for a while will have noticed many gradual changes and face-lifts over the last couple of years. Most of these changes have come from suggestions that members...

0 replies - Last post by jason-oxenham-ceo - December 10, 2010

no print box for each lesson.

I do not see a box that enables you to print each lesson like they have in the tutorial. Anyone else have the same problem? And if so how do you fix that? Thanks

1 reply - Last post by Amira-Zaki - August 26, 2010

New MegaGames

Hi all, we will upload a new version of the MegaGames today. We have fixed a few bugs and gave it a new look. I hope you enjoy it. All the best

2 replies - Last post by Amira-Zaki - November 5, 2009

Question about lesson 1.0

When the male speaker broke down the word for God slowly he pronounced it "AH LAH" and when he pronounced it fast he made the sound "A LAY". I don't understand why there is such a difference between the fast and slow versions. The Roc...

3 replies - Last post by Amira-Zaki - October 2, 2009

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