dialects and surrounding languages



I've been listening to playlists of what seems to be contemporary Germanic folk, dance and yodeling offerings. I've seen tons now and the majority seems to be something other than the German. Could someone type a short list of the languages or dialects (around this area where there's a focus on yodeling). Not sure if it's Bavaria, Swiis Alps ...it's just the whole region tho clearly not the Netherlands or Scandinavia.  

And lucky you are reader, take a listen https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wK3NVUnMbH8&list=RDH3SVWRrc5Vw&index=24

Awesome harmony!!! This may be more German. But there are tons of similar playlists and so much stuff is Not quite German. So my question is what these other languages or dialects are throughout those playlists. It's all from around that same region with the huge mountains along with the traditional styles and yodeling etc. 


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