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Learning more about the culture and the places you can use your new language skills is all part of your learning adventure. If you’re looking for some extra cultural tips or you have an experience to share, welcome! You can browse the topics, do a search in the top right corner of this page, or start a new conversation. Don’t be shy!

die Kneipe, das restaurant

Hi AllWhen in Germany we ate at a pub style restaurant. Dogs were allowed in there  (like a lot of British Pubs) Not allwed in Canada, even many patios are not pet friendly. is there a distinction between a restaurant and a pub. or between a pub and a bar...

3 replies - Last post by Julia-Rocket-German-Tutor - December 16, 2022

Die Kaiserin

Hi All there is a new series on Nettflix. Die KaiserinI have been watching it with English  subtitles. Tried the other way around to be able to read the subtitles, but just to fast for me to comprehend after reading. So will stick with German dialogue and...

11 replies - Last post by Maxie - October 14, 2022

Cycling in Germany

Hi AllI read one of the cultural segments on driving and cycling in Germany. I would like to do some cycling in Germany and wondered if anyone has done so. I am keen to know more about conditions and dedicated cycling paths.  I don't want to do a guided t...

4 replies - Last post by Maxie - October 5, 2022

We are going to Germany

Wir gehen nach Deutschland!Am very excited are flying into Frankfurt at the beginning of September. After that we are not sure where we are going. Typical of my family. Have thought of cycling the Romantic road from Wurzburg to Fussen, but as yet have not...

1 reply - Last post by Julia-Rocket-German-Tutor - August 26, 2022

Tschuess (") vs Auf Wiedersehen

HalloFirstly I don't know how to do an umlaut. Was told to just add an (e ) to the word. Is that correct?Was reading a book for travelling in Germany, a general how to express yourself in various situations.One of the things that they mentioned was:In Aus...

1 reply - Last post by Julia-Rocket-German-Tutor - August 26, 2022

Deutsche welle

Hallo zusammenI am so impressed with Deutsche welle. A wealth of resources there. I enjoy the listening activities. Although there are lots of gaps in vocabulary still. My German penfriend went to northern Germany to the beach and sent me a lovely photogr...

0 replies - Last post by Maxie - July 5, 2022

19.1 Tour of Vienna

In the very vivid tour by Fiaker of the Vienna Ringstraße, we find ourselves passing the Hofburg to our right, and then "davorne" we're told is the Staatsoper, followed by Parlament and the Burgtheater.  I know I'm splitting hairs, but when travelling clo...

4 replies - Last post by Maxie - March 18, 2022

Biking Borders

Watched an interesting documentary, “Biking Borders” 2 Young men cycling to Beijing from Berlin. Interesting, but the best is it is in German. Always surprises me how many words I actually understand. On Nettflix. So I have English subtitles, but then int...

1 reply - Last post by Julia-Rocket-German-Tutor - March 7, 2022

der Mettigel und Scheiben Leberkase (Umlaut missing)

Am intrigued by these two. How are they eaten and prepared?Does anyone know and has anyone eaten these?When I go to Germany am going to go and eat them for sure, plus some of the dumplings. Can't waitSebongela

6 replies - Last post by Julia-Rocket-German-Tutor - February 14, 2022

Pen friend

Hallo zusammenThe more German I learn the more I can communicate with my German penfriend. At first it was zero, but slowly she is introducing more and more German into our emails. It is still fairly basic, but I do ask her how to say things and luckily h...

1 reply - Last post by Julia-Rocket-German-Tutor - January 24, 2022

Dialects and accents

Am interested to know if Rocket German includes different accents from different regions? I believe that around Hanover “Hoch Deutsch” is spoken and that Northern Germany can be quite different, as well as the South. So what are we typically learning? My ...

3 replies - Last post by Julia-Rocket-German-Tutor - January 12, 2022

Where does time go.

Hi AllAm stressing at the moment, as language learning has just been at a stand still. That time of the year and just have such a long to do list, that I'm afraid until the New Year it is all just going to have to take a back seat. Did go into town early ...

2 replies - Last post by Maxie - December 27, 2021

Practicing German with Grimms Fairy tales

I think Grimms Fairy Tales are pretty good for practicing German once you get into level 3. The langage is fairly simple and the vocabulary is limited. The german is a bit old fashioned but I didn't find that mattered.There is a great site with all the st...

6 replies - Last post by Julia-Rocket-German-Tutor - December 13, 2021


Hi AllHappy Thanksgiving to all Canadians. Just spent a month going across Canada. 15100 km's there and back. From Vancouver Island to Nova Scotia and PEI. What a huge diverse country. Never needed to speak German, but wish my French had not been so rusty...

2 replies - Last post by Maxie - November 25, 2021

Any good German TV Shows?

I'm looking for interesting German TV shows, and NOT soaps. I don't mean the news, and I don't mean good American TV shows that are dubbed into German. I mean high quality German TV that's entertaining and will keep me engaged. The only thing I have been...

23 replies - Last post by Peter--252 - January 14, 2021

Regional Variations in Lesson 17.7 - Arranging a Time

In lesson 17.7, we are introduced to regional variations of expressing the time. The lesson states that people in Vienna and most Eastern parts of Austria use "viertel vier" to mean "a quarter past four" and "dreiviertel vier" to mean "a quarter to five"....

2 replies - Last post by PaulS108 - September 29, 2020

German radio station for beginner

Hello, Is there any free German radio station/news website that is recommended for beginner to learn German?  Vielen Dank!

1 reply - Last post by sfpugh - March 4, 2020

German Bands & Singers

Hi everyone, Thought listening to German music might help me improve and I was hoping someone might be able to point me in the direction of some good German speaking (or should I say singing) artists or bands? Thanks, Rosie :)

11 replies - Last post by Robert4813 - September 1, 2019

A useful supplement to Rocket German

What else to study while doing Rocket German? Deutche Welle has a series call Nicos Weg, It is suitable for use with mobiles, tablets and PCs. There are 4 levels but  A1, A2 and B1 are useful f...

2 replies - Last post by sfpugh - July 9, 2019

Two youtube channels I found useful

I found these channels useful after going though the Rocket course and starting on revision. Learn German with Anja A very lively and animated presenter who talks about life in Germany and her trave...

8 replies - Last post by JDP3 - April 9, 2018

'Look Who's Back' a german political satire on Netflix

Look who's back is very funny if you don't find it offensive. The premise is that Hitler wakes up in a park in Berlin in the 2014. Naturally he is confused by what he sees and a down at heel journalist finds him and gets him on TV where he rants about the...

0 replies - Last post by sfpugh - January 4, 2018

Dark - new German language TV series on Netflix

Netflix has just released a new German language TV show called dark. It appears to be mystery about missing children, time shifting and odd goings on at a mysterious government facility.  It looks as though it should be pretty good if you like that kind o...

7 replies - Last post by Grant-K1 - December 28, 2017

Sonnenallee aGerman film on youtube.

"A group of kids grow up on the short, wrong (east) side of the Sonnenallee in Berlin, right next to one of the few border crossings between East and West reserved for German citizens.  The antics of these kids, their families, of the "West German" friend...

1 reply - Last post by Grant-K1 - December 23, 2017

How widely is English understood/spoken in Germany?

I am travelling to Germany next year as a tourist.  I am doing Rocket German partly for personal interest and partly because I like to try to speak at least a bit of the language whenever I visit a country.  However, I have been to some European countries...

7 replies - Last post by Lucia - Rocket Languages Tutor - November 1, 2017

How to sort out my coffees in Germany?

As an Australian coffee lover intending to travel in Germany, I need to get my coffee terminology sorted out.  In Australia and New Zealand, many people drink a type of coffee referred to as a "flat white".  The Australian flat white is probably closest t...

1 reply - Last post by sfpugh - July 31, 2017

Start Deutsch 1

hello guys I want to ask how many units should i finish to be eligible for Start Deutsch 1

6 replies - Last post by David K - August 2, 2016

German Sweets

I am going to Germany in a little while and was wondering if anyone knew of any must-have German sweets or candies that you can't get anywhere else. Anything that stores well for the flight back would also be good for souvenirs to help reminisce later abo...

3 replies - Last post by David K - August 2, 2016

Problem with language and Culture

I had over 1100 point today 9 June 2016. but It didn't  get credit for it. Also, while working with language  and culture lessons. the program stop running and when it started back all the lesson I completed were gone. This seems like an old problem with ...

5 replies - Last post by Peter--252 - June 21, 2016

Annett Louisan - Zu viel Information

Hello, Anybody want to fix my mistakes? Fun song. A bit fast, but if you want to learn to pronounce "Information" this is perfect. Annett Louisan - Zu viel Information Ihr Dekollete. Zu viel Information. Seine O...

8 replies - Last post by Peter--252 - April 7, 2016

dialects and surrounding languages

I've been listening to playlists of what seems to be contemporary Germanic folk, dance and yodeling offerings. I've seen tons now and the majority seems to be something other than the German. Could someone type a short list of the languages or dialects (a...

0 replies - Last post by landser - January 10, 2016

Visiting Düsseldorf

Hello Everybody, I will be visiting Düsseldorf (duesseldorf) in March from 18th to 22nd and I am looking to identify what events are happening there that would make sense (i.e. I'm not ready for an opera or even a film without subtitles). Can anybody...

2 replies - Last post by jason☺ - April 23, 2015

Learning german in English

Hallo! Ich heiße Chris Im from Tijuana, Mexico (north part of Mexico, in the border between Baja California and California). Spanish is my first language , but i also speak english, so im basically learning German my second language which is English wh...

18 replies - Last post by jason☺ - February 12, 2015

World Cup Winners!!!!

Herzlichen glückwunsch für das World Cup Fußball gewinner Deutschland!!!!

3 replies - Last post by Cristian-Montes-de-Oca - July 14, 2014


Paul, Are you native born and raised German, or second generation American brought up speaking the language of your parents? A couple of remarks in a past answer in the grammar section made me wonder, ie, "thinking about another trip; knocking the rust ...

2 replies - Last post by Marvin-W - July 13, 2014


is it better than Chinese's culture

2 replies - Last post by Cristian-Montes-de-Oca - March 25, 2014

Learning Curve

Just bought the course and was wondering how long it was taking everyone to get "proficient" (meaning able to get by with the basics i.e., greeting, getting around, ordering in restaurants, etc.). I know this is subjective, so how long did you practice o...

9 replies - Last post by Sully - February 27, 2014

Points earned not recorded

Completed lessons stopped accumulating credit points earned and posted to my badge total. These are fresh lessons. They are not repeated attempts at a completed lesson or practice sessions.

5 replies - Last post by Byron-K21 - January 21, 2014

German Soaps

I have a friend learning Spanish. She found a Spanish soap opera with subtitles that have helped her. Could I find anything like this in German?

2 replies - Last post by Lynn-S25 - January 12, 2014

Der Acken vs die Hacken

In Lesson 12.6 the word for Heel is der Hacken but, in the test for Lesson 12.7 is die Hcken. I answered as der Hacken and it shows as wrong. Which is correct? Thank you

3 replies - Last post by Paul-Weber - December 14, 2013

Addressing a waiter/waitress

In lesson 19.4 Matthias hails his waitress with a problem regarding his order with " Hallo, Bedienung!". It was translated as "Excuse me. Waitress!" Is "hallo" a little less than polite in this situation? Would it have been better if he had said Ensch...

2 replies - Last post by Byron-K21 - October 3, 2013

Typo on Tourist Info Center PDF, 2.1

t seems there is a typo vs speaker saying the phrase in lesson 2.1 Tourist Info Center, Know It, as follows:Printing out the PDF, practice sheet states: Genießen Sie Opero? It seems to me the speaker is saying Genießen Sie Oper? vs Opero.

2 replies - Last post by ed-usn-retired - July 19, 2013

Doggie Bags?

Does anyone know if it's acceptable to ask for a doggie bag at a German restaurant? Sometime I just can't make it through a big meal at one sitting.

4 replies - Last post by Courtney-F - July 9, 2013

Popularity of English in Gemany

Do people normally communicate in English in Germany ? How popular is it ?

3 replies - Last post by Byron-K21 - July 7, 2013

Help in Germany

Hi, If I were to travel to Germany not knowing a hell of a lot of German, is it easy to find people who speak English like the police or people in hotels, restaurants, bus stations and the sort? Cheers Tonny

17 replies - Last post by Byron-K21 - June 26, 2013

Planning to buy a house and eventually move to Schleswig-Holstein

Hello I am still Leaning Deutsch ;) I am planning to invest buying a home either Schleswig or Hamburg areas! This is a plan for the future but I'm so sure of it! I just love Germany, I was there a year ago but more south around Munich, The reason why I ...

5 replies - Last post by Byron-K21 - May 2, 2013

Time confusion

Hi Paul, In lesson 18.2 'German Punctuality' Mathias says, "Hmm, schon halb sieben und Alex ist noch immer nicht hier". Halb sieben is translated as 6:30. In lesson 21.3 'Ab in die Schule' Sabine says, "Andreas, jetzt komm schon! Es ist schon halb si...

1 reply - Last post by Paul-Weber - February 2, 2013

Test of German

Hallo Alle, I'm new here and I want to know what Test of German could I sit when I finish the first level of Rocket German. I'm going to Germany on August to travel as an trainee. I think would be good if I had a grade in some proficiency test. Thx and...

1 reply - Last post by Byron-K21 - February 1, 2013

Trip results

We have returned from 2 weeks in Germany. What a wonderful experience! I found many occasions where what I learned in Rocket German helped me in the daily activities. And, of course, many where I needed assistance! For my first meal there, I had R...

15 replies - Last post by Renan-S - January 30, 2013

Translation help

Hi Paul. I guess this is loosely "culture": In the Platinum bonus lesson on humour, there is a joke about a married couple who go hiking in the mountains and fall into a gully. Is it possible to get a written transcript of this one (written out in Germ...

2 replies - Last post by Shannon-S - January 22, 2013

Family exchange in Germany

Where can I find people that want o exchange houses

1 reply - Last post by Gee-Yem - November 2, 2012

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