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Points earned not recorded


Completed lessons stopped accumulating credit points earned and posted to my badge total. These are fresh lessons. They are not repeated attempts at a completed lesson or practice sessions.


Opps...they just got posted. Please disregard


Why did fresh practice sessions and lessons completed at My Level stop posting points earned toward my badge? These are not repeated resets to the same lessons.


It still works for me.


That aspect of the points works for me. However, I don't always receive the points when I post a reply such as this one. This also means that if I want to go back and check on the post, when I look in the "Recently Received" points in the "My Badges" the record isn't there. Sometimes threads get long and I'm left to hunting for the post.


I haven't figured that out myself. Sometimes posting a reply credits you with points, but sometimes not. For sure, once you've posted to a thread, follow up replies do not give you points.

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