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Two youtube channels I found useful


I found these channels useful after going though the Rocket course and starting on revision.
Learn German with Anja
A very lively and animated presenter who talks about life in Germany and her travels, also have quite a few lessons on confusing bits of grammar.
Learn German with Jenny
A rather more serious presenter with a tendency to read out lists but lots of useful explanations about usage and grammar.


Hi, Anja's channel looks entertaining, but you've given the same channel for Jenny. 

I assume that should be: ?



oops! The perils of copy & paste :-)
Thanks for giving the correct link!


Kein Problem! 
Thanks for the tip, they look useful.
Just need to decide what's the best level to start, the beginners' looks too elementary, but the intermediate & advanced might be good for the exercise.


I was a bit puzzled by your comment about choosing a level, presumably Rocket German, then I realised that you were probably on a trial version.
I have noticed that you can take the Benchmark test for level 1 which is found in My Progress.
That should give you an idea if level 1 is too elementary for you.

Personally I joined at level 2 as I did the Rosetta beginners course and that turned out about right for me.


Sorry I was unclear, I meant the level to start at on Jenny's video set. (I haven't looked in any detail at Anja's videos yet.) The early ones are for complete beginners, which are a bit too elementary for me, since I have reached level 2 in Rocket. 


Ah that explains it. Personally I have ignored germanwithjenny's levels and just picked topics of grammar/vocabulary  that I have a problem with such as when to use es gibt  v es ist/sind.

There is quite a lot in the Rocket course that doesn't get explained and I found that Jenny or Anja often have something on it.


Yes I second that sfpugh. I found Jenny and Herr Professor helps with further information and filling in the gaps. I to have a problem with es gibt versions and es ist/sind versions 


Thanks for passing these links on.  It does add some clarity on some of the items like sentence structure and word genders.

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