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How to sort out my coffees in Germany?

Graeme -TE1q

Graeme -TE1q

As an Australian coffee lover intending to travel in Germany, I need to get my coffee terminology sorted out.  In Australia and New Zealand, many people drink a type of coffee referred to as a "flat white".  The Australian flat white is probably closest to a latte in that it is still creamy milk over the same amount of espresso.  However, our flat white has a little bit less microfoam than a latte and usually less volume, giving it a distinctly different taste.  The latte is traditionally served in a glass and the flat white in ceramic.  If I need my favourite fix of a flat white in Germany, what should I ask for?  Or do I just give up and ask for "Kaffee mit milch, bitte"?  


I came across this link which doesn't exactly cover it:

Leo dictionary has this for flat white:
Espresso mit heißer, unaufgeschäumter Milch

A bit of a mouthful :) I wonder if they would understand flat white coffee, I will ask my german friend.


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