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Forum Rocket German German Culture and Travel Is there any American chocolate candy that isn't available in Germany?

Is there any American chocolate candy that isn't available in Germany?


My friend in Germany sent me some German chocolate (yummy!!), so now I want to send her some chocolate from America. Is there anything that I can buy here that isn't available over there? I read that they don't have Reese's Peanutbutter Cups over there. Does anyone know of anything besides that that I can send her? Vielen Dank! Meine Freundin in Deutschland hat mir deutsche Schokoladen geschickt (sehr lecker!!), und jetzt ich ihr Amerikanische Schokoladen schicken will. Gibt es ingendetwas daß ich kann hier kaufen daß sie nicht dort kaufen kann? Ich habe gelesen daß sie keine Reese's Peanutbutter Cups haben. Gibt es etwas anderes dass ich sie schenken kann? Vielen Dank!


They don't have Hershey kisses either.


Check out Germany vs USA on youtube. Two exchange students who discuss multiple topics and Candy is one of them!


They don't have blue skittles, I believe.


They also dont have goldfish i dont think, according to my friend who lives there

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