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not travelling to Germany for a while


Guten morgen (sp?) I purchased my Rocket German course a few months ago and haven't started it yet since we probably aren't going to Germany until 2010 (why'd I buy it so early , you ask? I dunno.) I was concerned that my links, downloads, etc that I have saved in my documents folder and my Rocket German folder in Outlook will expire by then. Is there a time limit on when I can access the course and the Culture series once they've been saved? :?: Danke. Happy New Year everyone from Nova Scotia, Canada by the way!!

I'm pretty sure there's no limit, as you'll see other users logging on that have been members alot longer than a year or two. Also, you definately didn't purchase the program too early. It would help you greatly to begin practicing now, so when you go, your speaking can happen effortlessly. I live in Germany now, and I can honestly say about all the the things I have learned to communicate in German I gained 90% through Rocket German. Until you speak often, you may know quite alot but feel you don't know as much, because you're not using it. Having knowledge and being able to apply it are two different things. So try to start speaking now. Good Luck with your learning, you definately didn't make a wrong decision purchasing this course.

Hi there, your membership lasts a lifetime, so you don't need to worry about not being able to access the files in the future. Should you loose them you can always download them again by visiting the member area. Let us know how you get on with your German learning... :D


Hello to Nova Scotia! We are from Alberta living in Bavaria for the past 2 years. Wonderful place and the Rocket German has been a help although I need to put more hours into it. My neighbor hear corrects me on a few things but all in all a great intro to teh language; travel, directions, greetings etc. It is a tough language and takes a group effort at home to work on it.'My wife and I default to often to of course English but our son who is in an international school has done amazingly well with the language. Good luck with your learning and your plans for Germay. auf wiedersehen from Landshut, DE.


Hello - I will be traveling to Vilseck, Germany (Northern Bavaria, I believe) in December and will be there for work for two months. If anyone has suggestions of places to visit, things to do, etc. I would be open to hear such suggestions! Thank you.


Hallo! Lucky you! Bavaria is very beautiful, especially further south when there is snow on the mountains. How much time do you have to travel around or do you only have the weekends free? In the southern corner of Germany is a lovely little place called Garmisch Patenkirchen (listen to the audio lesson in the last chapter to hear more about it). It's a traditional village with very good skiing opportunities and definitley worth a visit. Have you got any travel guides for that region? Tschüss Paul


We are hoping to move to Germany (Nürmberg) for a year and a half in 2014. We are starting to learn the language now, and figure we may be barely competent by then. I would start ASAP. Also a good book is "How to learn any language" by Barry Farber. Am enjoying the Rocket German Courses very much.


I searched google for "How to learn any language" and found this website: Im not sure if its the same author but some of the things he comes out with are beyond ridiculous. For Example, "Apart from the Germans themselves, you will see very few tourists in Germany. In a way this is a pity since the country has so much to offer, but it also means you get the country for yourself and won't have to cope with hordes of tourists with pink legs and video cameras around the neck." and "German is a language that few learn for pleasure, and none because it is easy. Consequently, anybody who learned German enjoys a special status and a good measure of chic. Few people speak any German, and those who do are seen as exceptional people." What is this guy on about??

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