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Occupations in German

One of the first questions that people ask when they meet someone new in a social context is what they do for a living. So if you plan to have conversations with people in German, then you will need to brush up on your vocabulary of occupations in German.

In German all occupations have a feminine and a masculine form. In most cases the feminine form ends in –in and sometimes features “Umlaute” as well. “Umlaute” are the little dots above the “ä”, “ö” or “ü”.

Let's check out this lesson on occupations in German...

How to pronounce occupations in German

der Kellner (m)

waiter (m)

die Kellnerin (f)

waitress (f)

der Gärtner (m)

gardener (m)

die Gärtnerin (f)

gardener (f)

der Arzt (m)

doctor (m)

die Ärztin (f)

doctor (f)

der Lehrer (m)

teacher (m)

die Lehrerin (f)

teacher (f)

der Koch (m)

cook (m)

die Köchin (f)

cook (f)

der Designer (m)

designer (m)

die Designerin (f)

designer (f)

der Architekt (m)

architect (m)

die Architektin (f)

architect (f)

der Ingenieur (m)

engineer (m)

die Ingenieurin (f)

engineer (f)

der Autor (m)

author (m)

die Autorin (f)

author (f)

der Verkäufer (m)

sales assistant (m)

die Verkäuferin (f)

sales assistant (f)

der Übersetzer (m)

translator (m)

die Übersetzerin (f)

translator (f)

der Musiker (m)

musician (m)

die Musikerin (f)

musician (f)


However there are some exceptions, for example

der Angestellte (m)

employee (m)

die Angestellte (f)

employee (f)

der Krankenpfleger (m)

nurse (m)

die Krankenschwester (f)

nurse (f)

der Vorgesetzter (m)

superior (m)

die Vorgesetzte (f)

superior (f)

der Friseur (m)

hairdresser (m)

die Friseuse (f)

hairdresser (f)

Zum Beispiel:

As you can see you don’t need to include an article, like “a” or “an”, in German, when talking about your occupation, whereas in English you do.

Ich bin Übersetzerin

I'm a translator

Er ist Architekt

He is an architect

Sie ist Ärztin

She is a doctor

Du bist ein Lehrer

You are a teacher

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