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Learn German online with Rocket German Platinum (Level 3)!

Master conversational German with Rocket German Platinum, the most advanced level of Rocket German!

Paul Weber

From: Paul Weber
Rocket German Tutor

Dear German learner,

Hallo! Never has there been a better time to boost your German!

Even as a beginner or intermediate Rocket German learner, you can learn to speak German at a more advanced level in situations that you encounter regularly, and about topics that interest you, and are important to your life and work.

How? It's simple. We've designed Rocket German Platinum, Level 3 of the Rocket Express Learning System, so that you can focus on the topics that interest you most.

Because you have your own unique reasons for wanting to speak German, we give you a choice; you can follow the recommended learning path through your course, or pick and choose the lessons from any level of Rocket German, in the order that suits you.

This is where the final level of the Rocket Express Learning System comes in - Rocket German Platinum (Level 3).

By extending your vocabulary, and strengthening your understanding of the language, these more advanced lessons will allow you to speak and understand German in more complex situations, and express yourself with more flexibility.

Whether you're interested in traveling; living in a German-speaking country; speaking with German-speaking family, friends or colleagues; or mastering German for any other reason, Rocket German Platinum (Level 3) is packed with even more great conversations that you can take part in to give your German speaking that extra boost

Rocket German Platinum (Level 3) gives you seven additional topics to choose from, which cover everyday communication, travel destinations, German food, the German way of life, around the home, relationships, and when things go wrong.

Best Wishes

Rocket German Host - Paul Weber

Paul Weber
Rocket German

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Do you want to become a more confident German speaker?

With Rocket German Platinum (Level 3) you will cover seven practical topics that include:

  • The German Way of Life - You will cover everything from German idioms to German punctuality, and get insights into German history and literature.

  • All About Food - Your mouth will be watering by the time you're done visiting German bakeries and supermarkets... you'll even go out for lunch and dinner in German!

  • Relationships - Get to know your German-speaking neighbours and locals better, and learn how to express yourself with German-speaking friends and family.

  • At Home - You will get comfortable with everything from relaxing watching TV and doing household chores, to heading off to school and inviting guests.

  • Travel Destinations - Become master of the internet cafes, learn about holiday homes, currency exchange and some "must see" spots!

  • When Things Go Wrong - We all hope it never happens to us, but just in case it does... learn what to say in an emergency, if you've lost your passport, get stopped by the police, or need to visit a dentist!

  • Everyday Communication - These lessons will boost your German speaking abilities in the office, and enable you to talk about everything from current events to religion.

The 33 Interactive Audio tracks in this third level of the Rocket Express Learning System average 20 minutes in length - that's over 13 hours of audio lessons that you can listen to and practice speaking with as often as you need to feel confident.

Each conversation is broken down into easy to manage parts, and you get written transcripts of each conversation, so that you can keep up with the lesson and get comfortable with written German.

Become the German speaker you've always dreamed of with this super-effective and ever-popular conversational learning tool!

Want to hear one of these lessons for yourself?

More About the Rocket German Platinum (Level 3) Course...

  • Audio Track 18.1 Aller Anfang ist Schwer / All Beginnings are Difficult (27 min)
    How's this for speaking like a German... "I can't believe he had the forehead to say that. Where's the shoe pressing? I feel like the cow in front of a new gate. Don't want to let gray hairs grow over it and shoving it onto the long bench doesn't help. Good thing is, everything has an end. Only the sausage has two." If you can decipher the meaning behind these idioms, you're one-step closer to becoming a true German! Listen for clues in this lesson and do stay until the end as we head off to have some well-earned drinks!

  • Audio Track 18.2 Deutsche Pünktlichkeit / German Punctuality (26 min)
    Have you ever been in a restaurant, waiting for someone to show up? Twenty minutes later, they still haven't arrived. Or are you that person that can never seem to get anywhere on time? German punctuality is extreme and fashionably late doesn't exist - and the saying "Better late than never" doesn't quite fit in their culture. Listen in as Matthias and Sabine wait for their friend, Alexander at the bar. It's 6.30pm and he hasn't shown up yet... Germans are known for always being on time... but are they ALWAYS on time??

  • Audio Track 18.3 Deutsche Literatur / German Literature (26 min)
    It's Saturday morning and Matthias is off to town to look for a nice present for his niece's 3rd birthday. Sabine decides to come along to see if she can be of any help finding something for lovely little Barbara. Listen in as we discover the stories of "Max and Moritz" - they're known to every child in Germany so you should know them too! I bet you are curious to hear what the stories are like. Well, there might be a surprise story-time at the end!

  • Audio Track 18.4 Die weiße Rose / The White Rose (29 min)
    Fancy a lunch date accompanied by a history lesson? Our topic is "The White Rose". We won't talk about flowers though - we will hear about a not-so-well-known part of German history, a student resistance movement during the Hitler regime in Munich. It's a German language and history lesson all rolled into one!

  • Audio Track 18.5 Typisch Deutsch / Typically German (25 min)
    We all know 'exactly' what Germans are like, don't we? The men love leather trousers, sauerkraut or bratwurst and beer, and have facial hair. The women are icy Teutonic beauties with blond hair and blue eyes. They have never been late for anything in their lives. Let's check out how true this all is.

  • Audio Track 19.1 Beim Bäcker / At the Bakery (24 min)
    Watch out! This lesson's hot out of the oven, as we make one of the most difficult decisions of the day: what to buy at the bakery. Sabine's stomach leads the way as we learn all the essential words for delicious German baked goods!

  • Audio Track 19.2 Im Supermarkt / At the Supermarket (25 min)
    Grab your shopping cart! It's time to hit the aisles of a German supermarket. We'll get all the essentials, and cross off some new vocabulary on our shopping list. Whether it's placing an order at the deli table or simply talking produce it's very useful to learn how to communicate using supermarket jargon.

  • Audio Track 19.3 Zum Mittagessen gehen / Going out for Lunch (19 min)
    Today's lunch special is fresh vocabulary with a side of grammar! Let Matthias guide you through the lunchtime dining experience in a German restaurant. You'll learn all the tastiest menu items, as well as some phrases to use if you find yourself chatting to the wait staff.

  • Audio Track 19.4 Zum Abendessen gehen / Out for Dinner (18 min)
    We're seated for dinner and with napkins in place, Matthias is dying of hunger! Our waitress, Sabine, brings out the order. You're a vegetarian and ordered a vegetarian burger, but she's brought one with meat patties!! Learn some important phrases and terms for how to make a complaint if something goes wrong with your order.

  • Audio Track 20.1 Ein Wochenende in Wien / A Weekend in Vienna (19 min)
    We're off for an exciting weekend in Vienna! The weather is excellent and Matthias has a surprise up his sleeve. He booked a ride in one of those famous Viennese horse carriages, "eine Fiakerfahrt", through the inner city. So let's hop into the carriage and start our ride!

  • Audio Track 20.2 Meine Nachbarin Claudia / My Neighbor Claudia (21 min)
    A stranger is just a friend you haven't met yet... in this lesson you'll learn how to converse with your German-speaking neighbor. Learn to talk about the weather, some gardening, how family and friends are keeping and the usual chatter that is often exchanged when you're getting to know someone.

  • Audio Track 20.3 Mein bester Freund / My Best Friend (20 min)
    Time spent with good friends often makes for great memories. Take part in an insightful conversation where Matthias tells us about his sailing trip, catching up on the good ol' days with his good friend Martin, and the importance of friendship.

  • Audio Track 20.4 Meine Familie / My Family (24 min)
    There's no place like home... In this lesson Matthias and Sabine play house, where mother Sabine uses pretzels to keep her young "angel" Andreas motivated to study!

  • Audio Track 21.1 Ein Abend zu Hause / An Evening at Home (18 min)
    Once in a while it's good to chill out and relax at home, laze on the couch and surf through all the TV channels... a documentary about the fall of the Berlin wall... click... a comedy.... Let's spend a quiet evening at home with Matthias and Sabine.

  • Audio Track 21.2 Hausarbeiten / House Chores (21 min)
    Get lost in a book, but not your German vocabulary! Today Sabine is trying to get Matthias to help with the chores, but Matthias' focus is elsewhere... he seems absorbed in reading his book... will he get away with it? Or will he partake in the cleaning mission... Sharing the chores speeds things up for sure.

  • Audio Track 21.3 Ab in die Schule / Getting Ready for School (20 min)
    So it's 7:30am and it's a hectic morning. Sabine needs to take Andreas to school and it's a tediously slow procedure as Andreas is definitely a morning grouch. Let's see how she commands him to hurry up. You will hear various ways to use imperatives in this conversation.

  • Audio Track 21.4 Beim Abendessen / At the Dinner Table (26 min)
    Mind your manners - it's time for a lesson in German etiquette! Matthias' father will be on his best behavior as he guides you through what it takes to be the ideal German guest. Listen to this quite formal dinner conversation. You will hear some useful phrases about table manners and we'll review the use of the formal "you" - "Sie" when Sabine talks to Matthias' father.

  • Audio Track 22.1 Im Internet Cafe / At the Internet Cafe (20 min)
    The world of cyberspace can be a challenging place to navigate in any language. Lucky for us we have our two language savvy experts Sabine and Matthias, to guide the way. It will be as easy as the click of a mouse.

  • Audio Track 22.2 Ferienhäuser / Holiday Home (18 min)
    Accommodation can make or break a holiday. Our skeptic Sabine asks Matthias about the holiday home he's rented for the next two weeks. In this lesson you'll learn all about important things like the number and types of rooms, the location of the holiday home and what's included in the rent on your home-away-from-home. Indulge in the beach lifestyle!

  • Audio Track 22.3 Geldumtausch / Currency Exchange (16 min)
    Today Sabine and Matthias will lead the way to the closest currency exchange center. Here we'll sort out how to get all of our coins and dollar bills in the right currency, as well as talk about what form of money (traveler's checks, credit cards) is or isn't accepted in some countries.

  • Audio Track 22.4 Deutsche Länderkunde / German Geography (18 min)
    Matthias and Sabine are on holiday and what a better place to go than Bozano, a little town in Northern Italy! Our travel savvy Matthias gives us the inside scoop on why these "Germans" are speaking German!! You may pick up a bit of German here.

  • Audio Track 23.1 Verlorener Reisepass / Lost Passport (25 min)
    It's the worst feeling when you realize you've lost something, worse still when it's your passport AND you're in a foreign country! Follow Sabine and Matthias's advice, they'll show you how to manage a situation like this in German.

  • Audio Track 23.2 Ein Notfall / An Emergency (22 min)
    Oh no! You've injured a leg whilst on a mountain-biking trip! Imagine how difficult a situation like this could be if you didn't know the right words and phrases to communicate with medical authorities. Sabine and Matthias are talking insurance, medical care and emergency numbers today. It's a grim topic, but good to know...just in case!

  • Audio Track 23.3 Eine Polizeikontrolle / A Police Control (21 min)
    Sometimes when you're in a rush or daydreaming, you forget to buckle up. And it can be on these occasions that the police happen to stop you! You can say, "Oh I must have forgotten. Normally I always buckle up." Hmm... not sure if this will get you out of paying those fines. But I guess it's worth a try... you have nothing to lose. Keep in mind the road rules when you're heading out onto German roads. It could save you lots of money and troubles.

  • Audio Track 23.4 Beim Zahnarzt / At the Dentist (17 min)
    Toothaches - yeeoowwccchhh! What's the worst pain you've experienced? I have to say there's one kind of pain I cannot stand, and that's a toothache! Have you ever had one? Chances are, you've struggled with a cavity or two, maybe cracked a molar at one point. Sadly the only way to deal with one involves visiting the dentist.

  • Audio Track 24.1 Im Büro / At the Office (20 min)
    Every new job comes with a first day and it can be a daunting experience. Start off on the right foot by following Matthias' example. Even on your first day it's likely that you'll hit it off with some of your co-workers - but don't get too friendly and get carried away exchanging gossip about the company's tight budget as Matthias does...

  • Audio Track 24.2 Aktuelle Ereignisse / Current Events (21 min)
    Have you heard of the International Car-Free day? Sabine and Matthias are tackling this very important issue: saving the planet - well, in a very minor sense. Listen to our two speakers passionately organize a community based campaign around this worldwide car-free day.

  • Audio Track 24.3 Politik / Politics (20 min)
    It's election time here in Germany. So everybody is talking about it, and we thought we should probably do the same. So be prepared for a lesson full of politics! It's quite important to know about a country's political landscape if you are going to visit or live there for a while.

  • Audio Track 24.4 Religion / Religion (24 min)
    How many different religions are there in Germany? How do people live their beliefs? Listen to Matthias and Sabine and find out.

  • Audio Track 25.1 All Conversations (35 min)
    In this super convenient track, we've assembled all of the conversations from the entire Rocket German Premium course into one streamlined lesson. Sit back, relax and enjoy...

  • Audio Track 25.2 All Reviews (51 min)
    To test how well you remember what you learned we've compiled all of the Rocket Reviews into one streamlined track. Do you think you can still correctly answer each question? Let's find out!

  • Audio Track 25.3 and 25.4 Role Play Tracks (70 min)
    In these super convenient tracks, we've assembled all of the conversations from the entire course into one single lesson. But there's more to this lesson than sitting back and passively absorbing what Sabine and Matthias are saying. You are going to participate in the conversations yourself!

Here's how it works. First, you will be hearing ONLY Sabine's voice, and YOU will be playing the role of Matthias. When you hear the pause it's your turn to reply. You may have to look at the written transcript to know what to say - unless you have an uncannily accurate memory! Think you can do that? Next, you will only hear Matthias's voice, and you will be playing the role of Sabine!

Listen to This Sample!!

In Rocket German Platinum (Level 3), you'll be joined by native German speakers Sabine and Mattias and your host Sarah.

Rocket German Platinum (Level 3) Lesson 18.1: German Idioms

All Beginnings

Remember, every interactive audio lesson in Rocket German Platinum (Level 3) comes with transcripts of the conversation in German and English, so you can keep up with the lessons and get comfortable with written German.

German Conversation

Sabine: Ach je...
Matthias: Na Sabine du klingst aber nicht so froh. Wo drückt dich denn der Schuh?
Sabine: Ach ich fühle mich wie die Kuh vor dem neuen Tor. All diese Formulare hier; eins für meinen Studentenausweis, eins für die Bibliothek, eins für das Labor. Und alle sind identisch!
Matthias: Oh je, die deutsche Bürokratie. Lass Dir darüber bloß keine grauen Haare wachsen. Alles hat ein Ende nur die Wurst hat zwei.
Sabine: Ach was, ich fülle bloß ein Formular aus. Das muss reichen.
Matthias: Wer A sagt muss auch B sagen. Glaub mir da musst du in den sauren Apfel beißen. Auf die lange Bank schieben hilft hier nichts. Komm ich helfe dir damit; dann ist alles im Handumdrehen erledigt. Und danach gehen wir was trinken. Was hältst du von dieser Idee?
Sabine: Danke Matthias. Ausgehen als Belohnung klingt nicht schlecht.

English Conversation

Sabine: Oh dear...
Matthias: Hey Sabine you don't sound very happy. What's troubling you?
Sabine: I feel helpless. All the forms here - one for my student ID, one for the library and one for the laboratory. And all are identical!
Matthias: Oh dear, German bureaucracy. Don't lose any sleep over it. Everything has an end, only the sausage has two.
Sabine: OK, I'll just fill out one form. That should be enough.
Matthias: If you start something, you have to finish it. You need to bite the bullet. To put it off doesn't help. Come on I'll help you with that - everything will be done in the blink of an eye. Afterwards we'll go and have a drink. What do you think about that idea?
Sabine: Thanks Matthias. Going out as a reward sounds good.

Do you want to speak German naturally?

German Cafe

If you want to speak German naturally, it helps to understand the culture and how the German language works...

This is where your 29 Rocket German Platinum (Level 3) Language & Culture Lessons come in!

Featuring Rocket Record voice comparison, Rocket Language Testing Tools, quizzes, and extra vocabulary, these lessons will help you to speak German with more flexibility, and will also give you more confidence reading and writing in German.

Learning about German culture isn't just a great way to get inspired, it's also a good way to understand the German language.

It's not just about what to say, it's about knowing when to say it. And just because a certain expression is polite in English, doesn't mean the German translation will be appropriate – or even makes sense!

Rocket German Platinum (Level 3) will give you insights into a wide variety of situations you're likely to encounter in a German-speaking country, including travel tips and destinations, accommodation, etiquette, traditions and festivals, food, work culture, holidays, media, education, the health system, politics, religion and more.

We've also broken German grammar down into easy-to-manage parts, so you can practice each part individually and then put it all together.

Learn to talk about what HAS happened, what HAD happened, what WILL HAVE happened, and what WOULD HAVE happened...

Get tips on how and when to give formal and indirect commands, use the subjunctive and indicative mood, and the passive voice...

Speak German more fluently after mastering the art of the conditional, present perfect, future perfect, and pluperfect tenses...

Learn all kinds of expressions for speaking hypothetically, hoping and wishing for something, and voicing your feelings and doubts, and refresh your memory of the reflexive verbs in your language toolkit!

...And it doesn't matter what level you are currently at, because it’s a part of the Rocket Express Learning System, which means the Rocket German Platinum (Level 3) Language and Culture lessons are packed full of step-by-step explanations to rapidly advance your German!

step-by-step explanations to rapidly advance your German!

Get Your Language Learning Anywhere, Anytime!

Now all Rocket Languages members can have their learning in their pocket wherever they go, with the Rocket Languages app for Android and iOS.

With virtually all the functionality of the full site, the Rocket Languages app will let you listen to the audio lessons, learn the vocab, take some tests, earn some points and badges, and really get your language learning going when you just have to be away from your computer.

And everything you do using the app is happening in your actual member’s area, it’s seamless.

Once you’re a member, just download the FREE app and keep on learning wherever you are.

Buy Now and get an exclusive Rocket German Survival Kit, worth $49.95, FREE with your order!

And it gets better! Get your members' discount on Rocket German Platinum (Level 3) (Level 3) today and you'll also get a Rocket German Survival Kit worth $49.95, absolutely FREE with your order!

Increasing the number of German words you know is always a fast way to boost your confidence. Even if you don't know a complete sentence in German, knowing a few essential words will help to get your point across.

This tailor-made Survival Kit for Rocket German members is specially designed to be fun, flexible and easy to use. No boring vocabulary lists or heavy phrasebooks for you!

Your Survival Kit is made up of 7 Rocket German Vocab Sessions with interactive audio that focus on essential German words and phrases and their pronunciation.

You can use them online, download them to your computer, or transfer them to your smartphone, so you can use them anywhere, anytime. All together you'll get 1.5 extra hours of top-quality Rocket German interactive audio FREE!

Want to know more about these 7 great ways to improve your German for FREE?

  • Vocab Session 1: Hobbies

  • Vocab Session 2: Public Transport

  • Vocab Session 3: German Humor

  • Vocab Session 4: Christmas

  • Vocab Session 5: Religion

  • Vocab Session 6: Socializing

  • Vocab Session 7: Business Vocabulary

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Master German with Rocket German Platinum (Level 3)!

I am really looking forward to getting an email from you, telling me about how much you have learned using the Rocket Express Learning System, and how much you are enjoying speaking German! I am always happy to get constructive feedback on Rocket German Platinum (Level 3), so that we can make the learning experience even better for you!


Rocket German Host - Paul Weber

Paul Weber
Rocket German

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Probably the best language tool I've come across. Actually love it more than Rosetta Stone and Duolingo

Try our award-winning online German course for FREE 受賞歴ありの英語学習ソフトウェアを無料でお試しください Pruebe nuestro galardonado software del idioma inglés GRATIS

(And see how easy it actually is to learn German... even if you've tried and failed before) (そして英語学習がどれだけ簡単か、肌で感じてみてください…今までに失敗したことのある人でもそれが分かるでしょう) (Y vea qué tan fácil es en realidad aprender inglés… aún si lo ha intentado y fallado antes)