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Guten tag,

I am Jason Oxenham, CEO and co-founder of Rocket Languages.

Today I want to invite you to learn how one amazing, award-winning system will help you learn German when other systems have failed.

It all starts with our vision for Rocket Languages.

Jason Oxenham
Rocket Languages
Co-Founder and CEO

Our Vision:
To provide the most effective online language courses possible

For over 15 years, our vision has driven everything that we do here at Rocket Languages.

It drives us to constantly update and improve Rocket German so that:

  • We use the latest and most successful language learning methods and research.
  • We utilize new technology to make your German learning fun and easy.
  • We act on feedback and suggestions from our members to improve Rocket German for everyone.

We have spent thousands of hours and millions of dollars’ worth of research to develop the most effective German course on the market: Rocket German.

People love Rocket Languages, you will too!

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The Rocket Languages Mastery Method

Designed to overcome your language learning barriers

Through surveying language learners from around the world, as well as drawing on our own experiences, we have identified the 6 most common barriers that prevent people from fulfilling their dream of learning German.

The Rocket Languages Mastery Method™ is developed to overcome these challenges. Let’s look at how.

#1: Not having enough time to learn

The #1 reason that people don’t stick to their language learning goals? They simply don’t have enough time.

If you’re short on time, we get it. You want to learn German at your own pace without adding rigorous classes to your already busy schedule.

How Rocket German helps:

  • You can pick and choose what you do in Rocket German to suit the time available.
    • Got 5 minutes? Practice your pronunciation with Rocket Record!
    • Got an hour? Do a full lesson!
  • You can learn during your commute or at the gym. The program provides 30+ Interactive Audio lessons, each of which is around 30 minutes long, perfect for streaming or downloading for offline use.
  • You get lifetime access to the course. If life gets in the way, you can return at any time in the future. (Some members have been with us since we started 15 years ago!)

Each of the thousands of German words and phrases in Rocket German comes with our voice recognition tool, Rocket Record. Check it out for yourself!

Guten Morgen

Good morning

Wie geht es dir?

How are you?

#2: Being afraid to speak German out loud

Many people have a deep fear that they will embarrass themselves when they start speaking a new language. After all, no one likes to be laughed at, particularly in a foreign country.

However, people who have mastered another language swear by a key strategy: speaking out loud as often as you can. This activates essential areas of your brain to further reinforce the new connections that you’re making as you learn German.

How Rocket German helps:

  • You can pronounce thousands of words and phrases in the privacy of your own home.
  • The Interactive Audio lessons prompt you to speak out loud.

Try this short introductory Interactive Audio lesson:


#3: A fear of not knowing what to say when put on the spot

What’s the point of knowing tons of German vocabulary if you can’t understand what’s being said during a conversation—let alone formulate a response?

If you often toss and turn, worrying about opening your mouth and having the wrong words come out, then you never have to worry again!

How Rocket German helps:

  • Our latest learning tool, Play It!, lets you take part in the actual conversations from the Interactive Audio lessons. Play It! trains you to say the right thing at the right time.
  • Each Interactive Audio lesson comes with a Rocket Review section, prompting you to come up with answers on the spot.

#4: Not understanding German grammar

Surprisingly often, many “big name” companies overlook one key fact: you MUST know the mechanics of how German works in order to truly master the language.

Learning a bunch of words and phrases without any understanding of how they fit together is a recipe for disaster when you enter a real German conversation.

How Rocket German helps:

  • Extensive Language & Culture lessons describe the key grammar points.
  • All lessons have step-by-step explanations that anyone can follow.
  • If you come across something tricky, just post on the forum or email us, and we’ll get it sorted!

#5: Being unsure about whether you would stick with it

Traditional foreign language courses tend to be dry and uninspiring, making it difficult to persevere when the initial wave of motivation disappears.

That’s why we have added a ton of motivational tools and techniques to keep you on track and eager to come back for more.

How Rocket German helps:

  • You earn points with everything that you do in Rocket German. Challenge yourself with a daily goal and see how long you can keep that streak going.
  • If you’re the competitive type, check out the leaderboard and see if you can rise to the top.
  • Learn more about German culture with fascinating cultural lessons.
  • And of course, if you do need to take a break from learning German, then you can come back any time, because a one-time payment gives you access to Rocket German for life.

#6: Thinking that Rocket German may not work for you

Have your previous attempts at learning German been unsuccessful? We are confident that Rocket German will work for you no matter what your previous experience has been.

Rocket German lessons are designed to enhance your reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills so that you always find the right words when you need them!

How Rocket German helps:

  • Articles on advanced learning techniques teach you the methods that successful language learners use to master German.
  • We cover a variety of different learning types so that you can work to your strengths.
  • And if for any reason you think that Rocket German won’t work for you, we have our Founders 60-day guarantee.

That’s right. Try Rocket German for up to 60 days, and if it doesn’t measure up to your expectations then email us for a prompt and courteous refund. No questions asked.

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Still thinking about it?

We believe that Rocket German offers the most bang for your buck.

We have spent millions of dollars and over 15 years developing our award-winning Rocket German system so you don’t have to!

What’s more, Rocket German is yours for less than the cost of one private German lesson. In fact, it works out to be less than $1 per hour of tuition. That’s an unbeatable value in anyone's book.

You can start your journey to German mastery in less than 1 minute. Just select your package from the table below.

As soon as you order, you’ll be directed to the Rocket German members' area, where you can access all the tools you need to truly master German.

Remember, your access is 24/7 and is yours for life, including any and all course upgrades. So once you have it, you can come back at any time!

Rocket German Courses and Pricing

Change Language
  • 24/7 lifetime online access (via app and desktop computer)
  • A 60-day, no-questions-asked money-back guarantee
  • Free updates for life
  • 24/7 forum and email support

Level 1


Takes you from beginner to intermediate. You will reach a good conversational level.

  • 128 hours of lesson time
  • 2051 phrases with voice recognition
  • 33 Interactive Audio lessons
  • 31 Language & Culture lessons
  • 1 BONUS Survival Kit worth $49.95

Levels 1 & 2


Takes you from beginner to advanced. You will reach a very good conversational level.

  • 256 hours of lesson time
  • 4315 phrases with voice recognition
  • 66 Interactive Audio lessons
  • 62 Language & Culture lessons
  • 2 BONUS Survival Kits worth $99.90

Levels 1, 2, & 3


Takes you from beginner to advanced. You will reach an advanced conversational level.

  • 380 hours of lesson time
  • 7014 phrases with voice recognition
  • 99 Interactive Audio lessons
  • 91 Language & Culture lessons
  • 3 BONUS Survival Kits worth $149.85

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