Car in Italian

Welcome to the Rocket Italian lesson on cars in Italian – macchine! In this lesson we’ll cover tons of Italian car vocabulary. From hoods to trunks and everything in between.

If you’re traveling to Italy and plan on renting or even buying a car, this lesson will be very useful for you. You’ll want to be able to look over your rental and talk about it, as well as feel comfortable describing anything that might go wrong or needs fixing to a meccanico while you’re on the road. After this lesson, you’ll be an expert!

Italian words for car parts

Let's get started...

Il motore


Il parabrezza


La porta


Il cofano


Il bagagliaio


La ruota


La gomma


Il coprimozzo

Hub cap

La targa

License plate

Il radiatore


Il paraurti


Il tergicristallo

Windshield wiper

Il tettuccio


Il tettuccio apribile

Sun roof

La luce posteriore

Tail light

L’indicatore di direzione

Turn signal

La luce di emergenza

Emergency signal

I hope you enjoyed this lesson! Next time you’re driving somewhere, take some time and think about the different parts of your car in Italian as you go.

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A presto!


Maria DiLorenzi and the Rocket Italian Team

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