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Alexis  Sanders

Rocket Japanese
3 years ago

It's okay, it should go into more detail and provide lessons about writing in Japanese, as well as the speaking ones. I like pie as well, make a lesson about pie and fat potatoes. That's it. Byeeeeeee!!! More

Samuel Maldonado
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Rocket Japanese — Charlotte, United States
1 year ago

Rocket Japanese is a pretty good introduction to Japanese. It's definitely far better than Rosetta Stone and a few other programs I had some experience with (but fortunately never actually wasted money on), but despite how they boast about teaching grammar, it does a woefully inadequate job of teaching even the most basic grammar, and there are some strange choices for vocabulary to teach: for instance, there is an entire survival kit that is more than 80% words that I will never use because I don't drink alcohol or eat pork or shrimp... More

Jerry Zhuo

Rocket Japanese — United Kingdom
1 year ago

Rocket Japanese is definitely worth the money: for the price of one year of weekly language course, you actually get more to learn and practice. I really enjoy the audio courses which are delightful. And the interactive website is well designed as well, except the audio recognition system which still needs some improvement... More

Daria Simunovic

Rocket Japanese — Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina
1 year ago

Hello, I am an English teacher but can speak 4 other foreign languages and started learning Japanese a few years ago. I studied it with Teach yourself Japanese, Japanese for Busy People and Take off in Japanese... More

Ron Scaccia

Rocket Japanese — United States
9 months ago

I'm not going to sugarcoat this, so don't look for it in any Rocket promotional material. :-) Had a little bit of an issue when trying to buy this product. Wasn't Rocket's fault and they were very helpful in getting it resolved... More

Pascal Brillat

Rocket Japanese — United States
8 months ago

I am a bilingual person (translator from English into French) trying to learn Japanese. I've been trying several methods books, on-line, etc., over several years. Even though this method is far more interesting and educational than Rosetta, I feel that it is lacking of grammatical points or explanations, so to be a complete learner, you need to complement it by another mean (books or apps)... More

denex bast
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Rocket Japanese — in
5 years ago

i like the rocket japenese learning system because i have learned so much and i want to go to japan when i grow up and there is a great video game company that i want to work for and i want to be a missionare. More

Ellie  Georgieva
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Rocket Japanese — Pleven
3 years ago

I made an account here only two days ago, but I already learned words and phrases, which are really helpful. Also, I played one of the games offered and I could translate some of the sentences by myself while playing! Rocket Japanese is awesome! More

Aye Khine

Rocket Japanese — Mandalay, Myanmar
9 months ago

I am interested in learning languages.I am keen to visit to Japan.Hopefully I am coming to Japan few months later.I wish to meet Japanese people and culture.I have been learning your language for a year with different teaching methods... More


Rocket Japanese — Karnataka
5 years ago

Hi, Learning from Rocket Japanese is easy and fast and one gets to know the real feel also because of the conversations. However, as you can understand that any study without aim is worthless. I would suggest that you add more study material which is matchable to the quality of questions to the JLPT levels... More

Marc Wilkenfeld

Rocket Japanese — United States
4 years ago

I had actually done the Rocket Spanish and I was a bit disappointed with Rocket Japanese. I do not feel that there are enough lessons to get an understanding of the material. I also do not feel that verbs were covered enough. More

Gafsi Saddam

Rocket Japanese
2 years ago

It's a well organized website with interesting features that helped making learning more fun and interesting. I can say that the content is suitable for anyone looking to learn about japanease culture and language... More

Alkora Cander

Rocket Japanese — Texas, United States
1 year ago

Well, I would be happier if I could do it for free longer because I'm only 15 and I dont have any money to pay for it, but it has been extremely helpful in the lessons I can do. I can now say greetings (basic ones), and know that Atatakai is hot in japanese, which is good to know because if I go to Japan, I would like to know how to get a good, hot cup of coffee... More

Jacob Lynagh

Rocket Japanese — Japan
1 year ago

The course content is great, the design, layout and structure of the course is great. A lot of content, gets you to a good level of language ability if you study it correctly. The price is very high when you consider all of the free resources available though... More

Erik Larson

Rocket Japanese — United States
1 year ago

The voice recognition works pretty well. It struggles with very short sounds, but overall very good. I've used other programs that ask you to speak the answers, but the pronunciation analysis makes me try much harder to say each response out loud... More

Robin Rabinger

Rocket Japanese — Sweden
1 year ago

Rocket languages really gave me the tools to succeed with my new language. It brought me to a level where I was finally comfortable speaking with native speakers and I was able to take off on my own after that... More

Elza Dekleyn

Rocket Japanese — Estepona
5 years ago

Enjoy learning it, Very good because you can always return to difficult parts. Had to stop for a while because of moving my home, but it was easy to pick up. From now on, I'll regularly continue. The target is learning the language... More

bubill yang

Rocket Japanese — china, China
1 month ago

Rocket languages supply "Translation method" for learning 2nd Languages . It's the same as in the school. There worse has no photos to understand by view , no stroke order . Too many lessons for beginners . More

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