Spanish Phrases

Learn Spanish phrases with these free audio lessons!  Think of these lessons as your very own Spanish phrasebook!

Are you travelling to a Spanish-speaking country on vacation or business? Perhaps you need to communicate in a Spanish-speaking environment closer to home...

In any Spanish-speaking environment it is helpful to know some Spanish phrases for those times when you've got something important to say, questions to ask, or you simply want to get to know the people around you a little better.  

Getting started with Spanish phrases

If you know what you're looking for you should find it in the tables below. If you're a Spanish language beginner, and would like a little more guidance, below the tables you will find explanations of the different Spanish lesson categories and simple step by step tutorials.

Basic Spanish Phrases

Start by learning some common Spanish phrases, such as how to greet and farewell people, and what to say at different times of the day. Perhaps you want to ask someone how they are, or what they've been up to lately... and you'll need to know what to say when someone asks you! With this quick audio tutorial you can also practice welcoming someone in Spanish and saying sorry (if only for your beginner Spanish!)

You'll have these mastered in no time, but remember, you can't just listen to them, you have to pronounce them...yes, out loud! If you are looking for something more specific then;

Describing people in Spanish

With these Spanish adjectives on hand you'll be describing people in Spanish, be able to talk about a person’s appearance and the kind of person they are as well. This will really spice up your Spanish conversation skills!

Finance in Spanish

Being able to talk about finance in Spanish is very useful if you intend to live in a Spanish speaking country since you will want to understand about the tax and banking customs and regulations in that country. Don’t worry, even if you are not economically minded, these words are easy to learn and recall.

Genres of movies in Spanish

Talking about books or movies is a very popular conversation topic, so it makes sense that you would have to know all about genres of movies in Spanish.

Interview in Spanish

After this audio lesson you’ll be able to speak in Spanish about working hours, references and work permits. You’ll be able to talk about your experience and your qualifications, basically anything to do with successfully having an interview in Spanish.

Personality in Spanish

What words would you use to describe your personality in Spanish? There are literally thousands of adjectives that a person could draw on to talk about their character, but in this lesson you will find 15 of the most common traits. 

Romantic phrases in Spanish

Are you ready for the ultimate dating in Spanish lesson? Listen to the audio and learn how to say I love you in Spanish, along with other very important Spanish romance phrases!

More Spanish lessons

There are plenty more Spanish phrases for you to learn just check out the list to the right.

Also make sure you check out the following Spanish categories;
  • Spanish words
  • Spanish vocabulary
  • Spanish grammar
  • Spanish culture
  • Questions in Spanish

And, if you get stuck, check out the Spanish forum for answers!

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