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Thank You In Spanish

This free audio lesson will provide you with some very useful words and phrases to say 'thank you' in Spanish; along with it, it'll also show you some other helpful phrases like 'you're welcome', 'excuse me' and 'please', so you can use them in different situations with confidence. When we were children we were taught to say the 'magic words': 'please', 'thank you' and 'you're welcome'.


Thanks / Thank you

Por favor


De nada

You're welcome

So let's start this lesson as if you were requesting something from someone. Here are some useful phrases. Please notice that there may be small variations in the way we address someone; if they are people we know (family, friends, people around your age), you can use the familiar/casual way of ''; if they are people you don't know, or elderly people, or someone with an authority position, you use 'usted'. Here are some examples:


Sorry / Pardon


Excuse me (formal)


Excuse me (casual)

Si me hace el favor

If you please / lit. If you could do a favor for me (formal)

Si no le importa

If you don't mind (formal)

Por favor


And some variations of 'por favor' that you may hear are:

Por fa

Please / Pretty please (informal)


Please (informal) (mainly in Mexico)

Por favorcito

Please (informal)

Ways to say Thank You in Spanish

Now, let's say that the action has taken place and you are grateful to the person or people that helped you; here are some general ways to say 'thank you':


Thank you / Thanks

Muchas gracias

Thank you very much

Muchísimas gracias

Many many thanks

Mil gracias

Thanks a bunch

Gracias mil

Thanks a bunch (mainly in Spain)

Muchas gracias nuevamente

Thanks again

Muy agradecido

I am grateful (masculine)

Muy agradecida

I am grateful (feminine)

¡Qué amable!

How nice! / How sweet!

Casual ways to say Thank You:

Te lo agradezco

I appreciate it (familiar)

Gracias por tu ayuda

Thank you for your help (familiar)

Eres muy amable

You are very kind (casual)

Formal ways to say Thank You:

Se lo agradezco

I appreciate it (formal)

Gracias señor

Thank you sir

Gracias señora

Thank you ma'am

Gracias por su ayuda

Thank you for your help (formal)

Es usted muy amable

You are very kind (formal)

What if it was you the one who helped? Here are some ways to say 'You're welcome!':

De nada

You're welcome

No se preocupe

Don't worry (formal)

No te preocupes

Don't worry (casual)

Por nada

No biggie

Un placer

A pleasure

No hay de qué

Think nothing of it

No hay problema

No problem!

¡A la orden!

Any time!

No fue nada

It was nothing

Being polite in Latin America (or anywhere else) is very important and you will see that people are more responsive towards you when you show them your good manners. I do hope you found this lesson helpful as well! You can now go out there and put them into practice! ¡Nos vemos! Mauricio Evlampieff Rocket Spanish