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Quedar in Spanish

Discover everything about using Quedar in Spanish with this free audio lesson from Rocket Spanish.

Not only are there Spanish words that convey shades of meaning that don’t exist in English, there are also Spanish words that can’t be translated literally into their equivalent English meaning. Although they may be quite common in the Latin world, their usage will seem strange to an English speaker.

Quedar is one of these Spanish verbs/words, and its usage may seem quite complicated at first! However, you will encounter the verb Quedar often enough that you should invest some time in understanding it. You may feel less confused if you do not try to translate it literally. Rather, get used to how it's used and the contexts in which you hear it.

Using Quedar in Spanish

In English, the meaning conveyed by Quedar would usually have a person or people as the subject. For example:

  • I suit X.

In Spanish, however, what would have been the direct object in the English sentence (X) becomes the subject, while the person (I) becomes the indirect object.

  • X suits me.

Sound confusing? Perhaps the examples below will help clarify things.

The verb quedar is also quite commonly used in Spanish. It can mean a variety of things and be used in a variety of contexts. For example, you can use it to express:


To remain / To stay / To fit / To suit

Me queda bien, ¿no?

It suits me, right?

¿Me queda bien el pelo largo?

Does long hair suit me?

Nos quedamos hasta las 3 de la mañana haciendo el comercial.

We stayed until 3 in the morning making the commercial.

Los precios son altos durante el Carnaval. Es el único que les quedaba.

Prices are high during Carnaval. It's the only one they had left.

Esa camisa te queda muy bien.

That shirt suits you very well.

Te pido que te quedes conmigo. / Te pedí que te quedaras conmigo.

I ask you to stay with me. / I asked you to stay with me.

¿A Mario? ¿Y qué piensas? ¿Le queda bien el matrimonio?

Mario? And what do you think? Does being married suit him?

No queda más.

There's nothing left.