Finance in Spanish

This free audio lesson is all about finance in Spanish. Learn finance terms in Spanish and get ready to business with Spanish speakers!

Knowing various terms and phrases for important aspects of finance and economics is essential for anyone who wants to do business in Spanish speaking countries or with Spanish speakers. It is also an important element of a basic vocabulary in order to be able to stay up to date with issues when you watch the evening news.

Spanish finance vocabulary is also very useful if you intend to live in a Spanish speaking country since you will want to understand about the tax and banking customs and regulations in that country. Don’t worry, even if you are not economically minded, these words are easy to learn and recall.

Let's get started with the Spanish word for finance - finanzas

Talking about Finance in Spanish

Bolsa de Valores

The Stock Exchange

Mercado de valores

The stock market

Tasa de cambio

The exchange rate

Tasa de interés

The interest rate



Impuesto sobre la renta

Income Tax





Bono del gobierno

Government bond

El Nasdaq


El FTSE 100

The FTSE 100

El Dow Jones

The Dow Jones

Sin intereses


Una cuota de

A share of

Un bono

A bond

Now that you know some of the basic terms that apply to finances it may make asking questions at the bank, completing tax forms or simply keeping current with what is happening in the world finance markets a lot easier. All this advanced vocabulary really shows how well your Spanish is progressing, keep up the terrific work! For more lessons on Spanish vocabulary I recommend these!​