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Phone in Spanish

You’ll feel confident speaking on the phone in Spanish after this free audio online lesson. We’ll teach you some useful Spanish words and phrases, including how to answer the phone in Spanish, leave a message in Spanish, and make an international phone call.

Whether you’re on a public telephone, calling from the office, at home, or on your mobile phone, this lesson will help you navigate some simple Spanish phone conversations.

Talking on the phone in Spanish

El número de teléfono

Phone number

Línea telefónica

Phone line

Contestador automático / Máquina Contestadora

Answering machine

El tono

Dial tone

El recado / El mensaje


La guía telefónica / Directorio telefónico

Telephone book

La extensión


El teléfono móvil

Mobile phone

El teléfono cellular

Cell phone

El teléfono móvil del coche

Car phone

El teléfono público

Public phone

La tarjeta de teléfono

Phone card

Llame sin costo


Llamada por cobrar

Collect call

Llamada internacional

International call

Answering the Phone in Spanish

There are several ways to answer the phone in Spanish. If you are the person making the call, you will hear on the other end one of the following greetings…


Hello? - Argentina


Hello? - Cuba

¿Aló? / ¿Sí?

Hello? - South America


Hello? - Mexico

¿Díga? / ¿Dígame?

Hello? - Spain

Or, when answering for companies you can also say...

Le atiende….

This is (name) / (Name) speaking

The first Spanish phrase you can say is…

Buenos días, habla...

Good morning, this is...

It may not always be necessary to state your name, but it’s good phone etiquette to use a friendly polite greeting depending on the time of day with…

Buenos días.

Good morning.

Buenas tardes.

Good afternoon.

When calling, you may need to ask if someone is there. These are some typical phrases:

¿Me puede comunicar con…?

May (Could / Can) I speak to?

Quisiera hablar con…

I'd like to speak to...

¿Me puede comunicar con la extensión…?

Can I have extension...?

¿Se encuentra ...?

Is ... there?

¿Se encuentra el Doctor …?

Is Doctor ... there?

¿Está …?

Is ... in?

Now the person on the other side may ask...

¿De parte de quién?

Who is calling?

¿Quién le desea hablar?

Excuse me, who is this?

¿Quién habla? / ¿Quién es?

Who is speaking? / Who is it?

In many cases, you may need to ask your caller to hold on, or need to connect them to the person they’re calling.


Can you hold the line?

Permítame un momento.

Can you hold on a moment?

Espere un momento, por favor.

Please hold.

Un momento / un segundo, por favor.

Just a moment, please.

Lo comunico/La comunico.

I'll put you through.

Voy a transferir su llamada

I'm transferring your call.

Leaving a message in Spanish

What if the person isn’t there? Talking to someone voice-to-voice may be difficult when having a busy day. So we often communicate by leaving phone messages for each other. You may leave a message on a Contestadora - answering machine, or leave a message with a person.

Speaking to a live person, you can ask to leave a message by saying…

¿Puedo dejarle un recado?

May I leave him / her a message?

If you are the receiver wanting to ask the caller if he/she would like to leave a message say…

¿Puedo tomar su mensaje?

Could (Can / May) I take a message?

¿Desea que le indique quién lo/la llamó?

Could (Can / May) I tell him / her who is calling?

¿Desea dejar un mensaje?

Would you like to leave a message?

For your message, the easiest would be…

Favor de llamar a Pedro a 901-0392.

Please call Pedro at 901-0392.

Or, you may simply say...

Llamaré/Intentaré más tarde.

I'll call back later.

You can apply the same rules just above to be polite on the answering machine in Spanish too. Typically you can say…

Hola Itzel. Habla Mauricio. Favor de llamarme a 305-0394. Gracias, adios.

Hi Itzel. This is Mauricio, Please call me at 305-0394. Thanks, bye.

If you need to specify the time for the person to call you back, you can add something like this…

Favor de llamarme el miércoles a las 10 de la mañana.

Please call me Wednesday at 10am.

Finally, saying good-bye…here are phrases you can use or may hear on the other end.

Gracias, muy amable, adiós.

Thank you, you have been very kind.

Gracias, chao.

Thank you, bye.

Gracias, nos vemos, chao.

Thank you, see you, bye.

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See you later! ¡Hasta luego!

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