Describe yourself in German

It’s useful to know how to describe yourself in German when you’re meeting new people, speaking to an official person, or filling out a form. After this free audio lesson, you’ll find it easier to describe yourself in German.

If you’re booking into at a hotel, or going for an interview, you will be asked some basic personal questions in German. What is your name? Where are you from? What is your date of birth?

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How to describe yourself in German

Questions and Answers

Let’s go through some of the most common questions you might be asked, whether you’re filling out a registration form in a hotel or at the consulate getting a new passport. In these situations, you’ll be addressed with ”Sie” the formal form of “you.” So, though you have seen some of these questions before, all the questions below are expressed formally.

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Wie heißen Sie?

What's your name?

Woher kommen Sie?

Where are you from?

Welche Nationalität haben Sie?

What's your nationality?

Wie alt sind Sie?

How old are you?

Was ist ihr Geburtsdatum?

What is your date of birth?

Haben Sie Geschwister?

Do you have siblings?

Wieviele Geschwister haben Sie?

How many siblings do you have?

Haben Sie Kinder?

Do you have children?

Wieviele Kinder haben Sie?

How many children do you have?

Haben Sie einen Partner/ eine Partnerin?

Do you have a spouse?

Sind Sie verheiratet?

Are you married?

Wie ist Ihre Adresse?

What is your address?

Wie ist Ihre Telefonnummer?

What is your telephone number?

Wie ist Ihre Handynummer?

What is your cell phone number?

Wie ist Ihre Passnummer?

What is your passport number?

Wie ist Ihre E-mail-Adresse?

What is your email address?

Personal details in German

When you’re responding, you can follow one of the simple formats below. Just insert the appropriate information in the brackets. When you talk about your date of birth you have to add the ending –ten to the number. For example: “Mein Geburtstag ist am fünften vierten 1984.” (05.04.1984). There are only two exceptions where the whole number changes: “ersten” (first) and “dritten” (third).

Ich heiße [your name].

My name is [your name].

Ich komme aus [country name].

I'm from [country name].

Ich bin [nationality].

I'm [nationality].

Ich bin [number] Jahre alt.

I am [number] years old.

Mein Geburtstag ist am [day] [month] [year].

My birthday is on the [day] of [month] [year].

Ja, ich habe Geschwister.

Yes, I have siblings.

Nein, ich habe keine Geschwister.

No, I have no siblings.

Ich habe [number] Geschwister.

I have [number] siblings.

Ja, ich habe [number] Kinder.

Yes, I have [number] children.

Nein, ich habe keine Kinder.

No, I have no children.

Ich habe [number] Kinder.

I have [number] children.

Ja, ich habe einen Partner/ eine Partnerin.

Yes, I have a partner.

Nein, ich habe keinen Partner/ keine Partnerin

No, I haven't got a partner.

Ja, ich bin verheiratet.

Yes, I'm married.

Nein, ich bin nicht verheiratet

No, I'm not married.

Meine Adresse ist [your address].

My address is [your address].

Meine Telefonnummer ist [your number].

My telephone number is [your number].

Meine Handynummer ist [your number].

My cell phone number is [your number].

Meine Passnummer ist [your number].

My passport number is [your number].

Let's go over some numbers in German. This is very helpful when having to provide your date of birth, which you might have to do verbally or fill our a form.





















Numbers in German

Filling out Forms

If you find yourself being asked to fill out forms with your personal details, you won’t get the complete questions that you’ve studied above. Instead, you’ll get short words or phrases.










Date of Birth




Telephone Number


Passport Number

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