Rocket German online courses and reviews

Rocket German has 3 levels that take you from a beginners level to an advanced level. There is also the Rocket German Play The Part series that concentrates on every-day German conversations.

All of our courses come with lifetime access, so you pay once and can access Rocket German for life, including all updates that we make (and we are always updating and improving all of our courses)!

We think it’s important that you get a risk-free opportunity to try Rocket German, which is why all of our courses come with a 60 day money-back guarantee. No questions asked.

Rocket German Level 1

With Level 1 of Rocket German will reach a good conversational level of German. We teach you the basics first and then give you the most comprehensive beginner’s course there is.

Rocket German Level 2

Rocket German Level 2 takes you to a very good conversational level. If you already know some German, then Level 2 is a good point to jump in.

Rocket German Level 3

If you already have an advanced knowledge of German, then Rocket German Level 3 is for you. Discussing the more complex grammar topics and filled with advanced German conversations, Rocket German Level 3 will push your German to the next level.

Rocket German bundles

Get a discount by buying all 3 levels of Rocket German at once! Remember, it’s a once-only payment, backed by a 60 day money-back guarantee. Check out the latest pricing here.

Rocket German "Play The Part" series (Coming soon!)

The Rocket German "Play The Part" series enhance your knowledge of everyday German conversations by following an intrepid couple as they make their way around Germany. It’s light on grammar but heavy on getting you speaking like a native German speaker.

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