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Weather in German

In Germany, like most countries, talking about the weather is always a good topic when there is nothing else to talk about or if you want to break the ice with people you have just met. This lesson will provide lots of examples so that you will be well prepared in either eventuality! Let's get started!

Wie ist das Wetter?

How's the weather?


You can get a whole bunch of answers to this question, so be prepared

For example:

Es ist kalt.

It's cold.

Es ist warm

It's warm.

Es ist windig.

It's windy.

Es ist stürmisch.

It's stormy.

Es ist sonnig.

It's sunny.

Es ist heiß.

It's hot.

Es ist klar.

It's clear.

Es ist bewölkt.

It's cloudy.

Es ist schön

It's nice.

Es ist frisch.

It's fresh.

Es ist eisig.

It's icy.

You can use the word “sehr“ very for all of the above sentences to emphasize the condition. For example

Es ist sehr heiß.

It's very hot.

Es ist sehr kalt

It's very cold.

Is it good or bad?

Here are some more general answers

Es ist gutes Wetter.

It's good weather.

Es ist schlechtes Wetter.

It's bad weather.

Es ist schreckliches Wetter.

It's terrible weather.

Es ist wunderschönes Wetter.

It's beautiful weather.

If you are planning to travel to Germany, Switzerland or Austria in the winter time, you definitely need to know the next two sentences. Let me assure you, there will be plenty of opportunities to use them.

Es regnet.

It's raining.

Es schneit.

It's snowing.

Bis bald!

Paul Weber: Rocket German