Asking for the Bill in German

In previous lessons you have learned how to order food and drinks. From coffee to dry white wine, from “Spätzle” to goulash. Now we will cover another important aspect of eating out - asking for the bill in German. Mastering this will really impress your friends (German or otherwise), and it's all pretty straightforward!

You can ask for the bill by simply saying...

Die Rechnung, bitte!

The bill, please!

or more politely

Ich möchte bitte zahlen!

I would like to pay, please!

Können Sie mir bitte die Rechnung bringen?

Could you please bring me the bill?

In Germany the waiter or waitress will bring the bill to your table. If you are eating out with a group you might get asked whether you want to pay


All together?




Zum Beispiel:

If you were satisfied with the food and service it is expected that you tip. Not tipping implies that you didn’t enjoy your time in the restaurant. The word for tip is “Trinkgeld”.



Möchten Sie getrennt oder zusammen zahlen?

Do you want to pay together or separately?

Wir möchten bitte getrennt zahlen.

We would like to pay separately.

Ich zahle für alles.

I'll pay for everything.

Zusammen, bitte.

Together, please.

Getrennt, bitte.

Separately, please.

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