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German Question Words

Being able to ask questions is a key part of learning German. Once you have this mastered it opens up a whole world of conversational possibilities! Today's lesson covers how asking questions in German actually works.

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How to pronounce German question words

In English the order of the words changes when converting a statement to a question. The same is true in German. When asking a question, the order is as follows:

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Gehen wir bald?

Are we leaving soon?

Ist das dein Freund Paul?

Is that your friend Paul?

Bist du glücklich?

Are you happy?

Kannst du morgen kommen?

Are you able to come tomorrow?

Asking Question

Just like in English you raise the pitch of your voice at the end of a question. In German you can also turn a statement into a question just by pronouncing it like a question.

For example:

Er ist müde.

He is tired.

Er ist müde?

Is he tired?

Du rennst schnell.

You are running fast.

Du rennst schnell?

Are you running fast?

Das ist gut.

That is good.

Das ist gut?

Is that good?

Wir sind krank.

We are sick.

Wir sind krank?

Are we sick?

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Bis bald!

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