Thank you in German

One of the most important things you need to learn is how to say "thank you" in German, closely followed by "excuse me" and "sorry"! After this free audio lesson you’ll be able to use these polite German expressions with confidence.

Don’t be surprised if you find German people are more formal than you’re used to. Whether you’re traveling or living in Germany, or communicating with German speakers closer to home, polite manners will win you friends and gain you respect.

Listen to the audio and practice these German words aloud – as soon as you get the chance, try them out on your friends! After all, speaking German regularly is the best way to boost your confidence.

How to say thank you in German

Vielen Dank,

Thank you,

Entschuldigen Sie bitte.

Excuse me please. (formal)

Entschuldige bitte.

Excuse me please. (casual)


Excuse me please. (very polite)



Das tut mir leid.

I'm sorry about that.

Vielen Dank für Ihre Hilfe.

Thanks for your help. (formal)

Vielen Dank für deine Hilfe.

Thanks for your help. (casual)

Vielen Dank.

Thanks a lot.

Danke sehr.

Many thanks.


You're welcome.

Das ist sehr freundlich.

That is very kind.

Wie nett von Ihnen.

How kind of you. (formal)

Wie nett von dir.

How kind of you. (casual)

All good in German

Use all of the above phrases liberally, and you’ll find that people will treat you better.

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