German Emergency Words

Todays lesson gives you some words and phrases that are definitely worth memorizing in the event of an emergency or if you find yourself in a sticky situation! Even if you don't learn all of these words and phrases, make sure you remember Hilfe! is Help! And, if you ever need to use it, say it loud!

Let's begin this lesson on German emergency words!

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How to pronounce German emergency words

6 Essential Words!

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der Unfall


der Krankenwagen


die Gefahr


5 Essential Phrases!

Hilf mir!

Help me!

Können Sie mir helfen?

Can you help me?

Ich brauche Hilfe.

I need help.

Ich bin in Gefahr.

I'm in danger.

Es ist ein Notfall.

It's an emergency.

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Bis bald!

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