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Sheila Lee

Rocket French Mount Pleasant Pa , United States

Submitted: 3+ years ago


I would never recommend this course to anyone and I bet they don't let this be printed but I will find someway of getting a true review out there- I have tried for 6 days to contact customer service- No one is ever there- its 5 15 pacific standard time and they are to be available and no one is available- I leave email for 6 days- and get 2 stupid emails back that say the very same thing- update chrome and I already have updated chrome. They will not call me ----

Response from Rocket Languages: Hi Sheila - Sorry for the delayed response from customer support, we have tried contacting you a few times and it looks like we have managed to set up a time for a Skype call to look into your issues!

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Milla Relf

Rocket Korean Kiev , Ukraine

Submitted: 3+ years ago


The web site is complicated and not very user friendly. I've spent 5 min trying to figure out how do I start the lessons and where to begin the studying. It's stupid to spend so much effort on a web site to have people leave confused. Too complicated to begin with.

Response from Rocket Languages: Hi Milla - There is a take a tour video on the Get Started page! Also, we are revamping the lesson interface to make it easier to understand. It is a little difficult when some courses have over 100 lessons!

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Ian Corker

Rocket Spanish United Kingdom

Submitted: 3 years ago


This started well, but the App was changes and now the microphone does not give any time to respond. Despite repeated requests to rectify the problem, nothing has changed. I am now forced to request my money back as the product is NOT fit for purpose.

Spend less time on trying to sell you products and more time on making them work!

Response from Rocket Languages: Hi Ian - There has been a new release of both the Android and iOS apps, so hopefully any issues you have had are now taken care of. If not, please contact customer support!

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ivan hou

Rocket French bc , Canada

Submitted: 1 year ago


what is this language learning program. it is terrible. im saying the right things but it thinks im wrong.

Response from Rocket Languages: Hi Ivan - It's likely that your microphone hasn't been set up correctly, as we have had no other reported issues of the voice recognition not working. I would recommend checking out our FAQs and/or contacting customer support with details of your system.

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Cecilia PIRIZ

Rocket Italian New Jersey , United States

Submitted: 2 years ago


I didn't like the program. It's mostly translating into English. I spent more time listening to the dialogue in English than Italian. Even the Italian girl speaks more English than Italian. A waste of time and money

Response from Rocket Languages: Hi Cecilia - Thanks for your feedback. There is a fair amount of English in the first lessons as the Italian usage needs to be explained. As you progress to higher levels there is less English, and in fact the Rocket Italian Travelogues are very conversational with the audio available in 100% Italian.

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Random Dude

Rocket French Alabama , Zimbabwe

Submitted: 2 years ago


Hey guys I totally recommend this website to you.

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Miki Martel

Rocket Italian United States

Submitted: 1 year ago


I received Rocket Italian as an xmas gift at my request after my old version of Rosetta Stone Italian became outdated and unusable. It has been a major disappointment and is so frustrating I've turned to the free version of Duolingo instead. All the cutesy little exchanges between "Alex" and "Maria" are infantile and a waste of time. So much time is wasted in these courses. It's hard enough to find time to study a foreign language without all this useless filler. Unfortunately between medical issues and Covid, I just recently started to use this software so I am beyond the 60 day return/refund window. I feel badly that my husband wasted all this money on this terrible app. Save your money and use Duolingo or if you want a real program go to Rosetta stone.

Response from Rocket Languages: Hi Miki - The first level (featuring Alex and Maria) is a beginners level, so the amount of Italian introduced is gradual with lots of explanations in English. As you progress through the lessons/levels the amount of Italian gets greater and more advanced.

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Anand Sampat

Rocket Chinese Palo Alto, CA , United States

Submitted: 3+ years ago


I cannot get the microphone to work in any way. On my phone the app skips and cannot capture my voice properly. ON desktop it doesn't even record always saying "Try again".

I demand a refund unless I can find a fix. I started using this program because I heard the program is very good. Little did I realize the app would be a huge POS.

Do not use this unless you want a terrible experience. Use a more established language learning application like Duolingo or Rosetta Stone.

Response from Rocket Languages: Hi Anand - Please send customer support more detail about your phone. I am sure that we can get to the bottom of the issue. And, if you are still unhappy after that, we have the 60 day money back guarantee that you can use.

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Jindrich Parik

Rocket French Czech Republic

Submitted: 3+ years ago


Well, the course is OK, working with the microphone helps. I am very happy with it.

I am not happy and I have to say I am disappointed with the customer service.

I have asked 3 times for the invoice for paid amount, nothing happened, no response. I am getting daily mails from Marie-Claire with silly comments and questions (automatic mail, I am sure) but the invoice, for the money I have paid still not come.
I need it urgently for my accountant.

I do not know what else I should do!

Response from Rocket Languages: Most customer support staff have been on holiday over the Christmas and New Year period so some emails have taken longer to get to at this time!

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Chansse Evanns

Rocket Chinese Paris

Submitted: 3+ years ago


I was curious about Rocket Languages until I began using it, feeling comfortable with it and see the difference. Now, I am comfortable with Rocket Language, Lin Ping ways of healping others to understanding rocket languages.