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jessica charles

Rocket Japanese — roebuck / south carolina, United States
5 months ago

i really love the point system. When i feel i'm done for the day and look down to see that i haven't quite met my goal for the day it keeps me going and i'm so proud when i see my numbers piling up day after day. More

Prerana Saikia

Rocket Japanese — Guwahati, India
4 months ago

Finally! I can learn what I've always wanted to. Thanks to Rocket Languages, it helps me master a second language as if it were my own and twice as fast. The systematic lesson plan enables me to approach my lesson at my own pace and allows me to understand about the language in depth... More

Jordan Ramira

Rocket Japanese — San Diego, United States
4 months ago

I was a little hesitant with purchasing a language software but after trying out several company trials, Rocket Languages really took a stride and stood out and bridged the gap between just repetition and putting context into reality... More

Cécile Ariens Kappers

Rocket Japanese — Amsterdam, Netherlands
3 months ago

I absolutely love Rocket Languages, or in my case Rocket Japanese! I’ve had an account since 2011 and I just love the way it enables you to actively practice speech even if you don’t have a person to practice with... More

Jean Grixti

Rocket Japanese — Valletta, Malta
3 months ago

Rocket Japanese gave me the opportunity to learn Japanese in the comfort of my own home and in my own pace. The lessons are so user friendly that you always feel confident of your progress after each lesson... More

Emma Wilson

Rocket Japanese — Scotland, United Kingdom
3 months ago

It's a really good site and as high as the prices are in comparison to other sites out there, it's definitely worth the money and it isn't a monthly payment like most other sites. It's also a really fun course to work your way through which helps... More

Ever martinez

Rocket Japanese — il, United States
3 months ago

Best Language learn program, I have ever bought. I've gone to college and bought other language learning programs but none have come close to the detail and extensive information like "Rocket Languages"... More

bubill yang

Rocket Japanese — china, China
2 months ago

Rocket languages supply "Translation method" for learning 2nd Languages . It's the same as in the school. There worse has no photos to understand by view , no stroke order . Too many lessons for beginners . More

Gabriel Byers

Rocket Japanese — Ballwin, MO, United States
1 month ago

Rocket Japanese is super easy to use, and I would say that I learned better with Rocket Japanese than I ever did with Rosetta Stone. It is super easy to follow the instructions, and the leaderboard they have really appeals to my competitive side. More

Fabian Schneider

Rocket Japanese — Hamburg, Germany
1 month ago

(Japanese, Level 1 review) Methodically located somewhere between Pimsleur, YesJapan/Japanese From Zero and Japanesepod101, Rocket Japanese provides a strong, content-rich guided learning experience that can serve as a backbone to any serious self-learning effort... More

Nur Nadar

Rocket Japanese — Boston MA, United States
1 month ago

I've tried rosetta stone, duolingo, memrise, etc, and none have even come close to the comprehensive experience rocket languages has provided me with. It blows my mind that I leave the audio lessons with a sense of confidence that I accurately remembered everyword that Kenny and Sayaka had us repeat... More

Lauren Hurley

Rocket Japanese — Houston, Texas, United States
1 month ago

I like how I still learn something new in each lesson even though I’ve been taking Japanese for several years. It is also great that there are VERY important culture lessons offered. You can’t learn Japanese well without these culture cues... More

Ram Seshadri

Rocket Japanese — Qld, Australia
1 month ago

Great program. Excellent teaching methods. Practical writing exercises. Great audio review to practice.with Rocket I do not need to go to a language classes. I have been learning Japanese for 10 years ... More

Jose Alfaro
1 Like


Rocket Japanese — San Antonio, United States
25 days ago

Great program to get started if you do not know Japanese at all. Good for beginner to intermediate. I haven't utilized the site long enough to see all the resources it has, but i do think it is convenient that it has an app that operates the same way as the site on a PC. More

Christian Krause


Rocket Japanese — Germany
18 days ago

I speak for Rocket Japanese: Price is fair, if you buy on sale. Still not cheap, but fair. I have learned a lot from Rocket Japanese. I mainly use the audio lessons. They are awesome. They are kept fun, but still are very challenging... More

Roberto Vacca


Rocket Japanese — Rome, Italy
15 days ago

I've tried out many apps to learn Japanese, and no matter how many I tried, I always come back to Rocket Languages! Unlike many other apps, once you get Rocket Japanese your membership is lifelong, no need to update your subscription... More

claudia rowland


Rocket Japanese — Pulaski, MS, United States
15 days ago

I have just started using the trial Japanese program, and I think it is fantastic! I'll be buying the entire Japanese program in a couple of weeks. I love Kenny and Sayaka, the presenters. They speak slowly and clearly so I can understand the pronunciation of the words, and they explain the grammar in small bits so it's not overwhelming... More

Garry Portugal


Rocket Japanese — New Jersey, United States
14 days ago

Rocket languages is great. I am now studying Japanese with this course. The content is awesome and it is all relevant and practical material. It isnt random vocabulary that I would never use, for that reason i think it is great... More

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