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Our online and app-based language courses get you using your new language quickly, correctly, and confidently. Get everything you need to learn a language online, all in one package.

Learn practical, real-world language

We use real-world conversations to teach you the most important grammar and vocabulary. Learn how the language works and pick up practical words and phrases that you can use today.

Listen, speak, read and write your new language

Our courses teach and reinforce all aspects of your new language, so you come out ready for any situation.

Perfect your pronunciation

Match your voice to thousands of words and phrases. Our state-of-the-art voice recognition tool checks your pronunciation and shows you where you need to improve.

Learn the grammar

We don’t just stop at teaching you a few words and phrases. We show you how the language works, with comprehensive, easy-to-follow lessons.

Get over your fear of speaking

Our tools and lessons will get you speaking your new language out loud, so you can get used to making those unfamiliar noises and shapes with your mouth.

Remember it all

Every lesson comes with a range of testing tools to make sure the material sticks in your memory. Our clever algorithms then adapt to focus on areas where you need more help.

Learn on the go

Our downloadable lessons and mobile app help you make the most of your time. Learn while you’re on the bus, at the gym, or weeding the garden.

Over 120 hours of lessons per level

Our courses give you more learning material than most other courses out there. We cover more ground, in more depth, with more tools to help you along the way. You know you’re getting bang-for-buck.

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