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Rocket Record Question

Hi, - question for the staff please! I just signed up for the special deal - Platinum and Rocket Record. I can the see the Platinum below the Premium Course when I log in but Im not seeing a place to access the Rocket Record - can someone please advise? ...

9 replies - Last post by Linda--2 - June 24, 2011

vowels reading

Please show how to read and write verbs and how to form, words and the word other in phrases

0 replies - Last post by Rafael-S - June 22, 2011

Does anyone know where I can download verbatim spoken subtitles (dubbed in German) to the 1997 film Titanic?

Does anyone know where I can download verbatim spoken subtitles (dubbed in German) to the 1997 film Titanic? Unfortunately the German subtitle transcript provided @ this link, is only about 60% accurate....

2 replies - Last post by AguyinBCCanada - May 31, 2011

Pre-lesson dialogue

The Premium Plus Chinese has been well planned and constructed. The increased speed improves one's recognition without him/her "journalizing". The short dialogue between Lisa, Tao, and Lin prior to the lesson creates a situation where the student can go b...

0 replies - Last post by barryh - May 28, 2011

Spanish Games

I thought this program came with games that you could play to test your spanish...I cannot find any

1 reply - Last post by Helen-P - May 26, 2011


Overload; too fast and too much vocabulary for a first lesson to clearly absorb the phonetic system. Speak up. Keep it simple; see and listen to the first French lesson. More repetition needed. Go slower and build by emphasizing individual words first! Dy...

2 replies - Last post by Moon-- - May 25, 2011

Mega Italian

Mega Italian came with Premium but I just bought Premium Plus and it seams there's no update included for Mega Italian. Is This Correct? It's such a good tool why no update to include the addition vocabulary in Premium Plus?

0 replies - Last post by John-S4 - May 19, 2011


Free Chinese count me in!

0 replies - Last post by Quang-P - May 15, 2011

Can't add profile picture

The directions say to click and crop your picture but nothing happens when I upload a picture and click on it

7 replies - Last post by Howard-G - May 15, 2011

Uploading my picture

Hi folks, I was trying to up load a picture of me on holiday by the River Loire, but although i went to the correct page in "My account" browsed to find "my pic" and hit the upload button it just cleared the browse box and nothing happened. Is there a fi...

0 replies - Last post by Howard-G - May 15, 2011

A Little RocketChinese irritated

I am sure I am not alone; I suspect I am just missing something. Some of the sentences in Mandarin are being translated with imprecision. Example from Rocket Chinese Less 2.4: Xiǎojiě, wǒmen yào fēi jǐge xiǎoshí? The English is given as "How many h...

1 reply - Last post by Oggiedoggy - May 14, 2011


I had one lesson yesterday, and today I can't get in to the first stage, it goes right to the second. Can anybody please help? Thanks!

0 replies - Last post by marielle550 - May 5, 2011

My Vocab

Hi, loving my Chinese course. Just a question to the team about the My Vocab function. I've been using it quite a lot to reinforce meaning. Problem is, I went to add "gaoxing" and found the system had already added "xing" (surname), so I couldn't click on...

6 replies - Last post by bruce-librosmedia-com - April 4, 2011


Hi. I am planning to visit Austria in August 2011. Any tips and recommendations -- i.e. what words or phrases would go over better in Austria, than, say, North Germany. Any things I ought know so as not to offend? Rosemary,

0 replies - Last post by Rosemarie-L - March 21, 2011

My vocab

How do i hear a word on my vocab. once i have placed on the list. Helppppppp.

6 replies - Last post by Stanley-D - March 10, 2011

Errata Lesson 2.2

On lesson 2.2 they have a bathroom on the tour pause , not the GATE. even if the name of the gate is mentioned, they do it on the tour pause !

1 reply - Last post by gazel811-- - March 6, 2011


this lesson had lots of new vocab in it & i was surprised that there was not a tab for NEW vocabulary - i think this lesson in particular really needs this. I know we can create our own vocab list but sometimes it is better to have the list to review ...

0 replies - Last post by Vicki-F - February 26, 2011

Where to download MegaAudio?

Where can I download the MegaAudio that I see on the Learn Korean web page?

0 replies - Last post by ats65 - February 9, 2011

Mistake Quiz 1.4 ?

I answered Combien cela vaut? and it said I was wrong and the correct answer is Comment coute-t-il? Am I missing something? Which of the following questions doesn't ask: How much does it cost? * Combien cela coûte? * C'est combien? * Combien...

0 replies - Last post by Julia-J - January 27, 2011

Mistake in Lesson 2.6 C

I think there's a mistake in the transcript. The word "Ginko" should be bank, not supermarket.

0 replies - Last post by SK-L - January 19, 2011

My submissions

Barryh, The problem with the posts should be fixed now. Email us at and we can sort out the photo issue

0 replies - Last post by Rocket-Languages - October 18, 2010

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