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Culture lessons in Target Language

I am a strong believer in practicing the four aspects of language learning: reading, writing, listening, and speaking. To that end I read a book in Spanish (usually a child's book), or I use a site that has a story in Spanish accompanied by the English tr...

1 reply - Last post by jason-oxenham-ceo - March 8, 2016

Flash Cards by Lesson

Hello, It would be great to have the option to have flash cards by lesson so that I can take my vocabulary (and characters) on the go. Is this an option that you have/might consider(ed)? In any case, providing a medium for us to share flash cards would a...

29 replies - Last post by Dan-H24 - February 22, 2016

"Know It!" section is not indicating completed automatically

This is no big deal but since it is a repeatable problem, I thought I would mention it. I go through the lessons doing only the "Know It!" section (all the other sections are green/completed). When I have gone through all the phrases for a given lesson (...

21 replies - Last post by M-L - January 29, 2016

reply points

I am noticing that a lot of time when I post replies to other people's questions, I am not getting awarded 100 points.  Later, when I reply again, it award the 100 points, but not always.  This is happening more and more frequently.

10 replies - Last post by Diana-S1 - December 3, 2015


Hi,  i have just purchased French Premium Plus and was looking through my dashboard but when I click on games it says you have to be a full member to access them? Do you have to purchase premium to be considered a full member? thks

6 replies - Last post by Steven-W15 - November 28, 2015

is version 2016 available for dowload on rocket italianand if so how do i download it

is version 2016 available for download on rocket Italian and if so how do I download it

1 reply - Last post by Rocket-Languages - November 26, 2015

camera icon

would like to use my microphone but can't find the "camera icon"

5 replies - Last post by jason-oxenham-ceo - November 25, 2015

Email links from forum posts misdirected.

When I receive an email that someone has posted to a forum topic to which I previously posted, instead of being taken to the forum topic upon clicking the link, I am instead directed to the front page of the Premium course.  I think I have already r...

6 replies - Last post by jason-oxenham-ceo - November 17, 2015

Puzzlemaster and Dictionary Issues

When I try to login to the Puzzlemaster for sign language it gives me an error code of access denied. When I try to login to the Dictionary it just loads and loads and does nothing.  Win 7 Google chrome

1 reply - Last post by jason-oxenham-ceo - November 17, 2015

My badges Link Misdirected

When clicking on the My Forum link on the My Badges page takes me to the languages page. 

0 replies - Last post by crankyz - November 12, 2015

Initial text not showing in "Hear It Say It!"

Prior the text in the target language was displayed along with the played audio. Now there is nothing displayed initially. Upon selecting "Reveal", both the target language and English translation are displayed simultaneously. This works for me personally...

2 replies - Last post by Steven-W15 - November 6, 2015

No audio is coming out now in "Hear It, Play It!"

This isn't good.

2 replies - Last post by Steven-W15 - November 5, 2015

Feedback on New 2016 Edition

This morning, I logged on to find that the 2016 version was in operation!  I would like to compliment the creators on the new layout. Although I didn't mind the theme before, I must say that the newest one looks more grown-up. However, the speed on t...

145 replies - Last post by Deven--3 देवन--३ - November 5, 2015

The "Reset" function is incredibly fast now

Setting the "Reset" button is now almost instantaneous and the response feels really "clean". Nice job. One thing you may want to look at is how the cache is managed: visualizing the reset currently requires a page reset.  

0 replies - Last post by Steven-W15 - November 2, 2015


Hi, When the 2016 edition was first released, I was so busy asking questions about the problems that  I didn't even notice a new function--flashcards. They're plenty fast, so your mind has no time to wander while the corresponding phrase is loading.....

0 replies - Last post by KelllaurBailar - October 30, 2015


Do you not get points if your answer has an error in it?

1 reply - Last post by Robert-C7 - October 29, 2015

How do I unsubscribe from posts?

I have tried to unsubscribe to posts on the 2016 update but to no avail. They continue to fill up my inbox. I have clicked on the link that says 'unsubscribe' which takes me to my dashboard not to anywhere that I can unsubscribe. I have unticked the box i...

1 reply - Last post by jason-oxenham-ceo - October 29, 2015

Voice problems/IT question for Jason

Jason, I am back on RF, yeah!! I updated to use Chrome on my laptop as instructed but I also have my iPhone 5 and an Android tablet when I'm on the go. They all have the same problems: (1) When I listened to the lessons and I repeated after Claire/Paul; ...

3 replies - Last post by M-L - October 28, 2015

My Notes - edit icon goes away when viewing more than 10 notes per page

My Notes shows 10 notes per page and a "pencil" icon appears on the write to allow us to edit that note.  If I increase the number of notes shown per page to 25, 50 or 100, the edit icon goes away.  Why?  I should always be able to edit a n...

4 replies - Last post by jason-oxenham-ceo - October 22, 2015

no points for posting

I still get 100 points for the first reply to a post and I'm supposed to get 10 points for a post, but today I posted and no points.

4 replies - Last post by Robert-C7 - October 22, 2015

I should get points for posting this

A couple days ago, I was not getting the usual 10 points for posting a new topic.  Let us see if this has been fixed.

1 reply - Last post by Robert-C7 - October 22, 2015

Points...Back to Normal!!

Hi Rocket Languages,      Today points are officially working great (Okay, except for the leaderboard. I just looked). But points load up perfectly, 2pts for each action (as before), and so much faster. I found myself going, "YES!! IT DID I...

2 replies - Last post by KelllaurBailar - October 17, 2015

I get error messages when I try to respond to a post

I have tried to respond to several posts in different forums and it responds "Whoops. Something went wrong."  I am using Chrome browser on Windows 7 Enterprise.  Let's see if I can post something.

2 replies - Last post by Robert-C7 - October 14, 2015

is it possible to download all the lessons in a single document

Can I down load a single document for the whole course or do I need to download each one individually?

2 replies - Last post by Cliff-H2 - September 23, 2015

Members area..

A place for members to speak to one another via voice and get some practice in would be lovely. Something like "Skype" perhaps?

2 replies - Last post by Dan-H24 - September 15, 2015

more badges maybe

Perhaps Rocket Languages can consider adding new badges beyond 550,000.  Also, perhaps you can add stars to the higher badges, like Ruby Star Hero *, Diamond Star Hero **...  Spacing them 50K apart is about right for the highest levels.

3 replies - Last post by jason-oxenham-ceo - September 9, 2015

Can someone give me the meaning of

I have been drinking a wine  from Argentina called Tango del Sur.  On the container is the phrase " Vino de mesa abocado" When I looked up that word I get "doomed" or " destined to fail"  This seems an odd advertising slogan.  Can som...

5 replies - Last post by janway-- - August 27, 2015

Increase Flexability by Having Stop, Start, and Pause Features in the Audio

One thing I wish is to be able to stop or to start listening to an audio recording part way through.  This would permit reviewing new vocabulary and phrases again and again in isolation from the whole.  This would be esp...

13 replies - Last post by Diana-dep1 - August 21, 2015

Site language

I like that we can change so that some parts of the site render in our target language. But it is a lot of trouble to do that every time, so I usually don't. Is it possible to add an option in settings or some other place so that the site renders in the t...

9 replies - Last post by William-G73 - August 13, 2015

My Rocket German is all messed up. New release?

Logged on and I'm seeing Arabic, Chinese, Hindi and other stuff I'm not subscribed to, but I'm not seeing my Rocket German.  I'm disappointed in the QA efforts Rocket makes for new releases.  You seem to put most of the burden for finding proble...

4 replies - Last post by Byron-K21 - August 11, 2015

audio has stopped working

It was working until it stopped working.  Now, when I hit the blue "play" button, I get awarded the points but there is no sound.  Also, "Play It" still works and still award points but there is no audio.  Nothing has changed on my system a...

1 reply - Last post by Robert-C7 - July 31, 2015

System performance issues

For the third consecutive day, I've had system performance issues with RC.  Logging on, navigating between screens, the point system not being displayed or not updating, and even system disconnects have been experienced.  Using Chrome seems to r...

2 replies - Last post by jason-oxenham-ceo - July 31, 2015

"Hear it say it" Study feature

"Hear it say it"  When I am studying and I come to the section where I can record myself I used to be able to see the native speakers recorded phrase above my recorded phrase and compare them.  Now that feature isn't there.  Does that have ...

10 replies - Last post by Dan-H24 - July 30, 2015

red record button does nothing

Ya, when hitting that nothing happens. It's all set in settings but nothing happens. 

3 replies - Last post by Dan-H24 - July 22, 2015

Update Requested

Can someone provide us with an update on the progress toward resolution of the issues with the Flash Player that arose on July 8? Judging from the comments that have been posted in the forum, this is a serious inconvenience to many users. I also suspect t...

7 replies - Last post by Dan-H24 - July 16, 2015

How to post a comment on new blog

Can't find a Comments button or how to post a comment on the new blog. I wrote some paragraphs on the topic My Best Friend but can't find how to post. Any insights on this? 

1 reply - Last post by jason-oxenham-ceo - May 28, 2015

Where is the "Post a comment" option button, please?

Seems like the invitation is without substance: how can we add a comment if there is no option button for such an action? PS. Should the English read "help critique" or perhaps "help you with critiquing"? Really liking the course I am on. :-) Barry Sha...

4 replies - Last post by jason-oxenham-ceo - May 28, 2015


The Spanish word timido. I have been told by a former teacher from Mexico and my current teacher,  who I , see twice a week, from Spain, that there is no distinction in Spanish between timid and shy. Can you kindly tell me how would one differen...

8 replies - Last post by John-O72 - May 17, 2015

Downloadable conversations

It would be really useful to me if we could download the individual "Play It!" conversations (I don't find the "Role Play" file which contains all the conversations to be manageable). In this way I could put them on my iPod and practice simulated conversa...

8 replies - Last post by devananda - May 7, 2015

point system

I notice there are issues with the point system and forum. Rocket Languages says they are working on it.

6 replies - Last post by Dan-H24 - May 6, 2015

Additional feature for Vocab

I recently discovered that double clicking on a work brings up a vocabulary icon. Currently it seems only to show additional uses of that word in the lessons. I would find it fantastically useful, if, especially in the case of Verbs, that it would show t...

3 replies - Last post by Dan-H24 - May 1, 2015

Profile Page

Hello, Have you all noticed that the profile page shows your full name in the tab instead of your forum name? Full Name is shown on the Chrome tab, which reveals the person's real first and last name instead of Forum Name. Same problem for the text behi...

1 reply - Last post by jason-oxenham-ceo - April 14, 2015

Updated pages

Hi  I'm not sure that I like the updated pages with the Test It, Write It and Know it all on one page.  There is too much scrolling down the page for my liking especially with the culture lessons in between.  It was so much easier to flick...

11 replies - Last post by jason-oxenham-ceo - April 14, 2015

New site appearance

I like the slightly more spartan, cleaned up appearance of the site. Especially the font.

38 replies - Last post by jason☺ - March 17, 2015

Emoticons:Feel free to translate into your favorite language

Hello, Has anybody published a list of emoticons available on the site? Smiles: :+)= :) :+D= :D :+o= :o 8+)= 8) ;+)= ;) Frowns: :+(= :( :+'+(= :'( D+:= D: ;+/= :/ :+|= :| Interesting: ಠ_ಠ

4 replies - Last post by jason☺ - March 16, 2015

Rocket Scheduler Streak

Hello! I notice the Rocket Scheduler got a little update with a button with your points for the day on it on the dashboard home page. When you hover your mouse over it, it says, "My Rocket Scheduler a motivational tool based on the "don't break the c...

3 replies - Last post by jason-oxenham-ceo - March 12, 2015

The 2015 Edition - soft launch!

Hello! The topic by the same name over in news seems to be closed. Anybody know why it was closed? They have corrected several things. Now the Rocket Test Modules have a black border around them to show they are selected. Selecting a module allo...

3 replies - Last post by jason☺ - March 12, 2015

Score Issues and Family Plan Question

Watch what happens in this video to my score when I switch from German to French and play a phrase: My score rockets from 25,000 to over 50,000. This process took about 3 minutes and it appears that my German score is being appli...

1 reply - Last post by jason-oxenham-ceo - March 12, 2015

Forum Single Spacing

Just discovered this so I thought I'd pass the tip along. If you want to post text with single spacing, first type it into a Notepad document and then copy/paste it here.

7 replies - Last post by Steven-W15 - March 2, 2015

Continued problem with testing module

This morning I attempted to complete the test for module 12. Things went fairly well in the Hear It test, although the system was slow to cycle on to the next statement. But when the system went to the Write It section, it hung up at the point where the t...

4 replies - Last post by jason☺ - February 15, 2015

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