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What has happened to our German Tutor?

There have been several quite technical grammatical questions on the German forum which would have benefited from a tutors input. We haven't heard from Lucia for a long time.

3 replies - Last post by sfpugh - November 30, 2018

Where is the summary of how points were earned?

It used to be possible to see a summary of how points were earned in the various categories. I think it used to be at the bottom of My Progress, but I can't find it any more. I thought it was quite a useful way of seeing how much time was being allocated ...

4 replies - Last post by sfpugh - November 30, 2018

Problem with punctuation on Rocket Reinforcement tests

A minor issue, but since yesterday's upgrade, the software is replacing some of the punctuation with the symbols '$1' when it presents the answers.  This is in Rocket French, but I imagine it might affect other languages. I sent a feedback message from t...

8 replies - Last post by jason-oxenham-ceo! - November 29, 2018

My Flashcard sets default to public when edited

It's a minor annoyance but if I edit one of my personal sets, it defaults to public despite previously being set to private. The text immediately above the public/private button clearly says the default is private. It shouldn't alter this setting unless t...

7 replies - Last post by Dean V - November 26, 2018


Jason, Have you considered allowing people to add more than one review, or maybe expire a review after a certain amount of time? I wrote my review only a month after I joined and I was finding it pretty tough at the time and I feel the product was not ne...

9 replies - Last post by jason-oxenham-ceo! - October 31, 2018

Every one is a novice today

Once again everyone is a novice but the score totals look OK. (25 Sep) I am studying German but I guess it is that same for all.

42 replies - Last post by Susanne-L2 - October 24, 2018

A keyboard with accented characters for the form as in the write it tests

I am studying German but I expect this will apply to other languages too. How about including the little keyboard that comes with the "write it" tests in the forum. Hopefully this would encourage people to post to the forum in the language that are study...

5 replies - Last post by Badger - October 16, 2018

Total Flashcard Option

I am rocking my lessons, but I find that my memory slips a little on words and phrases from 3 lessons prior to the one I'm currently working on. SO I have to go back to the flashcards for that particular lesson and review. What would be AWESOME is having...

11 replies - Last post by Badger - October 16, 2018

Norton Identity safe messes up Rocket languages

I find that Norton Identity Safe cases very slow performance in the practice conversation section. It is so slow to move on to the next phrase as to make it unusable. It also messes up recorded speech so that the playback is very disjointed rendering it u...

3 replies - Last post by sfpugh - September 20, 2018

Tutor louder volume than response

When running under Windows 10, I can find no way to make the audio volume of the tutor and my response even roughly equal. When I run under Linux Debian 9, these two volumes are comparable.

4 replies - Last post by Patrick - September 11, 2018

Should there be more things to learn in Rocket Languages?

I know Rocket Languages has a lot of things to learn, but how about addin' more to da learnin' list? Cos' y'all 'no' dat there iz nothin' like "Takin' A Smoke Break", "Court Witness Frenzy". In "The lowdown on Love and Romance", there iz nothin' like "hav...

8 replies - Last post by Christopher1197 - June 24, 2018

Unable to start post on Introduce Yourself

I can't start a post on Introduce Yourself.

4 replies - Last post by Meages - June 21, 2018

Today every one is a novice

Alt least in German, everyone is classified as a novice. I suppose it is just a glitch. :-)

32 replies - Last post by marieg-rocket languages - May 29, 2018

Changes to User Interface

I have been noticing the little tweaks to the user interface, and I like them. For example, the combination of the ranking and scoring in the testing areas is a nice little tweak. They are making the interface cleaner and nicer to use and see. This mornin...

20 replies - Last post by RebeccaA18 - May 10, 2018

Your input wanted! Suggestions to improve Play it!

Hi all We are going to be doing a workshop specifically on the Rocket Reinforcement activity,  Play it!, and would like to field suggestions from members about ways that we could improve it. Feel free to post your ideas and comments here! Remember to ma...

34 replies - Last post by RebeccaA18 - May 10, 2018

cool feature of the new play it.

I am not sure if this intentional or not, but I found a cool feature of play it. After doing a play it, the view goes back to the conversation transcript. If you fiddle with the playit check boxes, you can get the conversation transcript to display as it ...

1 reply - Last post by Steven-W15 - May 3, 2018

Please Change This

Hello! Will you please make it so that the quiz will give you some points? Maybe making how many points you get from it be according to whether -- over-all -- you got Hard, Good, or Easy. But really, I think it should give at least a few points; like one-...

3 replies - Last post by marieg-rocket languages - May 1, 2018

New feature for custom flash cars

I would like to see some changes to the flash cards where users can create their own. First I would like the option to upload audio files to match the speech of flash cards not covered by the course. I have my own recordings of some native Japanese speak...

2 replies - Last post by Tony-S10 - May 1, 2018

custom flashcards not working (German)

Today, I find I can't access my custom flashcards. I get the following error message: "ErrorException in FileViewFinder.php line 137:View [] not found. (View: /var/www/vhosts/

2 replies - Last post by sfpugh - March 14, 2018

Excessive lag time playing back sentences.

For the last couple of days when I try to listen to the Conversation Transcript and Additional Vocabulary (I'm working on lesson 18.2 right now) there is an excessive lag time between when I press the play button and the recording begins. Everything else ...

18 replies - Last post by Dan-H24 - March 6, 2018

reset custom flashcards

The new system which allows you to redo non easy flash cards is great, but the reset custom flashcards button doesn't work (the new button next to the redo not easy phrases button) . It does however work in the Rocket review flashcards. This is not the e...

1 reply - Last post by Meriel - March 5, 2018

lesson misorder

In survival kit 300 most common spanish words part 1 it says a list that says the lesson is below when the list is in the bottom of the lesson

3 replies - Last post by Ramsey-P - February 2, 2018

right but wrong

sorry i'm here again sometimes i get half of the letters wrong and half of them right but i get 100 percent when this happens in a 6 letter word(edit(in all letter words)) can someone fix it please, p.s thanks in advance, Ramsey.

7 replies - Last post by Ramsey-P - January 29, 2018

New app

Hi! I am just wondering when the new apps are coming out? Really excited for the release.

1 reply - Last post by Matthew-H68 - January 15, 2018

how to down load

can you tell me how to download the course on to a mp3 memory stick i want to take the course with me to work

4 replies - Last post by DeanD28 - January 14, 2018

Exporting custom flashcards

Are there any plans to allow exporting custom flash cards as CSV files? It would be very nice to be able to put them into a program like Anki with its extra features. At the moment the only way I can see of doing it is with copy and paste but that produce...

3 replies - Last post by Tony-S10 - December 28, 2017

Point counter in Rocket Chinese stopped incrementing.

Using both Chrome and Firefox, the point counter was initially working as expected in Rocket Chinese, then it stopped incrementing while the rest of the system seems to be functioning as normal.  Restarting RC, cycling power on my PC, and patiently waitin...

7 replies - Last post by Alan-L1 - November 24, 2017

write it tests not working (german)

There seems to be a problem with write it tests today. I can get two or three items into the test and the the talk button becomes unresponsive so that I can't know what to write.  I first noticed it doing the write it section of the final certification te...

4 replies - Last post by jason-oxenham-ceo! - November 20, 2017

new Benchmark test (beta)

I am studying German. The new benchmark test that has appeared in the progress section seems like a useful idea idea. I have tried a couple of them now and I noticed that little keyboard icon for special characters doesn't open. The other thing is that du...

8 replies - Last post by sfpugh - October 18, 2017

Flash cards don't appear in final review section

German Modules 16.1 and 16.2: the flashcards don't appear in this final level 2 review. I just get the spinning wheel and if I click "get started", I get a blank flash card. If I click "flip" I get a blank reverse card. I quickly checked module 24 the fi...

1 reply - Last post by marieg-rocket languages - October 17, 2017

Do tutors monitor the forum regularly?

I am doing the German course but I suspect it may also apply to other languages. so I am posting it on general feedback. I have found that the tutors do not seem to pay attention to the Forum. I have asked quite a few questions about the grammar and vocab...

5 replies - Last post by nóng fū - October 10, 2017

Very slow initial access to content when accessing members-access URL

Is anyone else having problems with accessing the site initially from the "" link? I've tried logging in and out, using different browsers, day or night, using mac and pc, and it's been the same issue since at least the w...

3 replies - Last post by marieg-rocket languages - August 24, 2017

Problem with speech recognition in play it tests today 16 aug

I have been doing play it tests in module 20 German and I am finding that I am constantly getting "sorry I didn't get that" messages but when I play back the recording the speech is very clear. This is making Play it tests almost unusable as I have to hav...

3 replies - Last post by marieg-rocket languages - August 17, 2017

Badge system

Rocket languages, what happened with the badge system? My profile says that I am now a Chinese Learner, when I am actually a chinese red star master, and when I look at the scoreboard it looks like almost everyone is a chinese novice. It still says the r...

2 replies - Last post by sfpugh - August 2, 2017

flash card edit function not working

I have Rocket German. The flash card edit function has not been working since yesterday 25 jul. When I open the edit function, I see an empty list but all the edit buttons and the save button are visible. Apart from that flash cards seem to work OK.

5 replies - Last post by sfpugh - August 2, 2017

flash cards

Hi, I can't work out how to make flashcards & I can't see any flashcard sets when I search. Thanks Chrissy

1 reply - Last post by sfpugh - July 31, 2017

Better Voice Recogniation Software

Hi ! I have been having a few problems with the voice recogniation software on Rl For instance If i repeat Mauricio to get graded on my pronounciation of lets say "Alabarse" it grades me something like 10 percent when I know I am saying it correctly Becau...

13 replies - Last post by Catherine216 - July 22, 2017

Flash Card Program

I am studying Japanese and find this site is brilliant for grammar and word breakdown and enhances learning. However I also find flashcards extremely useful for individual word and sentence learning. I am hoping the management at Rocket Languages can see...

13 replies - Last post by David-D137 - June 24, 2017

Features with custom Flashcards

Three things I would like done to custom Flashcard collections are :                           #1.I would really like it if , when I am creating a custom flashcard collection , to have the ability to import                                        from more...

0 replies - Last post by jolietil - May 4, 2017

Enhancement to My Vocab?

One of the weaknesses of My Vocab, to my mind, is that it is hard to navigate especially when it contains a large number of items. There are various sort options and you can skip forward a number of pages, but these don’t really help much. The search opti...

23 replies - Last post by sfpugh - April 25, 2017

site goes crazy!

Sometimes when I get onto Rocket Languages the site goes crazy! It will not let me onto my vocab or make any forum posts as this has happened to me 3 times now any idea how this happens?

10 replies - Last post by marieg-rocket languages - April 20, 2017

iOS app is so broken

Every time I try to use the iOS app to do my lessons I run into more problems. My progress in the lessons doesn't properly update with the servers despite a rock solid connection to the Internet, the app frequently won't recognize the accuracy of a record...

16 replies - Last post by marieg-rocket languages - April 20, 2017

Is the site broken today 12/4/17 at 11.13 CET

Cant get the microphone button to do anything and have tried re-booting, logging in and out. Anyone else having these problems?

21 replies - Last post by marieg-rocket languages - April 20, 2017

An enhancement to flashcards

Flashcards are great, especially the ability to load custom sets. However there is a feature that would be really useful. Would it be possible to mark particular cards that are difficult, and then have an option to only display the difficult cards. This ...

4 replies - Last post by sfpugh - April 14, 2017


Hi, Streaks seem to have gone a bit crazy today. Has there been a recent update? Points and streaks have been working perfectly for months.  Cheers Drew

14 replies - Last post by Matthew-H68 - April 11, 2017

Rating Sometimes Unresponsive

So the recording has been working pretty well since the update and upgrading to iOS 10 but now I have a new problem. Sometimes during testing when it asks for a rating I select the rating that I want and it lights up as though I've selected it but it does...

1 reply - Last post by marieg-rocket languages - April 7, 2017

The addition of Rocket Hebrew in the near future...

I would love to learn Hebrew using your teaching method.  Is there a Rocket Hebrew language course coming soon?

3 replies - Last post by BengalCatLady - April 6, 2017

My Vocab download - special characters

Hi, I just downloaded my "My Vocab" list so that I could sort it and load back up as Flashcards, but it isn't converting special characters properly so the list has quite a few things like this: l'altare senz'altro l’opificio Che cosa è successo? ̬ mag...

7 replies - Last post by marieg-rocket languages - March 31, 2017

Flashcards feedback: they're brilliant for vocab!

Hi, I wanted to acknowledge to the Rocket folks how well the custom flashcard features are working for me.   I enrolled  in an intermediate class this term. It's pretty tough as I'm really more of an upper beginner but I got a compliment last night that...

0 replies - Last post by drewster - March 29, 2017

points awarded for answering a post...and then immediately taken away

This happens to me a lot. I will post an answer to a question, and the system awards me 50 points. Then it refreshes the page and the points (as shown in Today's Points) is taken away. Sometimes if I post an answer later in the thread, it will give me the...

7 replies - Last post by jolietil - March 24, 2017

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