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Please don't delete me!

I am a big fan of Rocket French. Right now, however, I am taking a French class at the local community college. Once the class is over, I will use the Rocket French to continue my language skills into the summer. I just want to make sure that my subscr...

1 reply - Last post by 3rdwoozie - February 23, 2008

Advanced Audio Lessons

After completing all of the basic audio lessons. I purchased the advanced audio lessons, and I am finding that a good portion of the written French dialogue is missing. Most notably, Lesson 3.1 "At the doctor's/ chez le médecin" there is an enti...

1 reply - Last post by (deleted) - March 5, 2008

Bonus Audio

Bonjour I just want to know if there are transcripts available for the Bonus Audio sections. Merci. Mel

1 reply - Last post by MrHulot - February 25, 2008

Rocket French Audio/Video

Greetings! I recently purchased an Apple iMac Computer and I am having trouble with downloading and accessing the Rocket French Audio/Video Cd. Any suggestions? Thanks. --Natividad :wink:

1 reply - Last post by servant - February 2, 2008

Pronunciation Principles on consonants

The Pronunciation Principles on consonants in Learning Companion seem not complete. For example, a few lines should be there for teaching how to pronounce r, s and x.

2 replies - Last post by mapyli - June 4, 2007

Better text listing for phrases in french audio course

You can view the French dialogue for the audio courses., .. But the dialogue listed doesn't cover everything in the audio course. For example in Part 1 lesson 1 you are taught to say, "Do you speak French, I speak English, Yes, No, ... and thes...

1 reply - Last post by julsmithie - June 1, 2007

How to better use the Rocket French package?

I just bought the Rocket French package a few days ago. Could someone advise me as to how to use the Rocket French package effectively? I mean, should I complete all the 31 Interactive Audio Lessons first and then the 45 Grammar Lessons? Or there are bett...

3 replies - Last post by mapyli - June 4, 2007

Megaverb Speed

How can I speed up Megaverbs? I have to wait forever for the next verb to appear. Thanks!

1 reply - Last post by harrykel - May 28, 2007

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