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To drive in German

The verb to drive is "fahren" in German. Fahren is a useful verb, particularly if you plan on traveling around Europe and/or Germany by car or campervan. In this lesson we show you the conjugations of the verb as well as some useful examples.

So, let's get started on "to drive" in German!

How to pronounce "to drive" in German


to drive


ich fahre

I drive

du fährst

you drive (casual)

er fährt

he drives

sie fährt

she drives

es fährt

it drives


wir fahren

we drive

ihr fahrt

you drive (casual)

sie fahren

they drive

Sie fahren

you drive (polite)

Zum Beispiel:

Fährt sie dich in die Schule?

Does she drive you to school?

Können Sie langsamer fahren?

Could you drive more slowly? (formal)

Kannst du langsamer fahren?

Could you drive more slowly? ( casual)

Wir fahren durch die Stadt.

We are driving through the city

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