To speak in German

The changes a verb goes through depending on who the verb refers to as well as in which tense it is used are called conjugations.

You have learned how to conjugate the verb “sein” to be before. The verb “sprechen” to speak will be one you are likely to use frequently, especially when you’ve just started learning German. You might want to tell someone that you only speak a little German or ask someone to speak slower. Therefore you need to know how the verb “sprechen” changes.

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How to pronounce "to speak" in German

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to speak


ich spreche

I speak

du sprichst

you speak (casual)

er spricht

he speaks

sie spricht

she speaks

es spricht

it speaks


wir sprechen

we speak

ihr sprecht

you speak (casual)

sie sprechen

they speak

Sie sprechen

you speak (polite)

For example:

Sprechen Sie Englisch?

Do you speak English?

Ich spreche Deutsch.

I speak German.

Wie viele Sprachen sprichst du?

How many languages do you speak?

Können Sie langsamer sprechen?

Could you speak more slowly?

Sie spricht sehr schnell.

She speaks very fast

Wir sprechen beide kein Deutsch.

We both don't speak any German

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