To need in German

Let’s have a closer look at the conjugation of a regular verb, now that you know the rules behind it from our previous lessons. The stem of the verb “brauchento need is “brauch”. Remember! The appropriate endings are added according to who is performing the action.

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How to pronounce "to need" in German

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(brauch-) brauchen

to need


ich brauch-e

I need

du brauch-st

you need (casual)

er brauch-t

he needs

sie brauch-t

she needs

es brauch-t

it needs

To Need


wir brauch-en

we need

ihr brauch-t

you need (casual)

sie brauch-en

they need

Sie brauch-en

you need (polite)

Zum Beispiel:

Brauchen Sie ein Mietauto?

Do you need a rental car? (polite)

Ich brauche Hilfe!

I need help!

Brauchst du mehr Freizeit?

Do you need more spare time? (casual)

Sie braucht viel Geld.

She needs a lot of money.

Wir brauchen viel Bier für die Party

We need a lot of beer for the party.

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