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Clothes in German

Let’s learn some words for clothes in German – these are useful to know in all kinds of situations. After this free audio lesson you’ll be able to describe what someone is wearing, or what you’re looking for when shopping for clothes in a German-speaking country.

Perhaps you’re heading outdoors and a local is recommending what to wear. Either way, let’s get these German words under your belt! Practice speaking aloud as you listen to the audio, and follow the English translation. And here’s a tip to help you remember: as you get dressed each morning, practice saying the German words for the clothes you put on!

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Pronouncing clothes in German

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Ein Mantel

A coat

Ein Schal

A scarf

Eine Mütze

A hat

Eine Jacke

A jacket

Eine Regenjacke

A raincoat

Ein Regenschirm

An umbrella

Ein Paar Handschuhe

A pair of gloves

Ein Paar dicke Socken

A pair of thick socks



Ein Pullover

A sweater

Warme Kleidung

Warm clothing

Leichte Kleidung

Light clothing

Ein Badeanzug

A swimsuit


Swim trunks

Ein Bikini

A bikini

Socks in German

If you are lucky to have some good weather you might also need…

Die Sonnenbrille

The sunglasses

Die Sonnencreme

The sunscreen

Ein Sonnenhut

A sun hat

If the weather is no good, you may want to say that you are boiling hot, freezing cold, wet or miserable. Here are some useful sentences…

Mir ist kalt.

I'm cold.

Ich friere.

I'm freezing.

Mir ist heiß.

I'm hot.

Ich schwitze.

I'm sweating.

Meine Füße sind kalt.

My feet are cold.

Meine Finger sind gefroren.

My fingers are frozen.

Ich bin durchnäßt.

I'm soaking wet.

Rain coat in German

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